Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back in the Land of the Unexpected and the Land of wonderful people

We are back in Lae, back in the land of the unexpected! How is it unexpected, you ask? Well, take hopping onto an Air Niugini flight and watching a man board holding a Coleman lantern (you know those kerosene ones? We presume it still had kerosene in it because the air hostess took it off him after looking into it - thankfully someone was alert!)...and he got through security??? Or take getting from the airport in Lae to our house in a Guard Dog Bus, and then just when we are almost home (after an hour and a half - it was airconditioned, so not too tedious) the driver decides to ignore a "road closed" sign down a steep and stoney hill, only to find it was really, truly inaccessible this time, meaning a 3 point turn, in a bus, on a hill, with steep sides, and only loose stones for tread! Then there's a newly erected stop sign at the entrance to a roundabout (circle, for you Canadians) - A stop sign, at a roundabout?? Then there's Andrew going into some companies early Monday morning to arrange the transport of our earthly goods to Australia, only to call me a bit later telling me that "the packing needs to be done by tomorrow afternoon, as the ship is going soon, and else we'll miss out if we don't do it now as a ship is going soon"!!!

So a mad pack it was - 2 crazy days, also crazier as a stomach bug hit our family. Shiana threw up in Cairns airport, in Port Moresby airport, and twice back here in Lae. Kirilee fainted in church on our first Sunday back whilst standing for the first songs - she had succumbed to the bug too. And Monday night Ashlyn spent the night vomiting, keeping our already tired bodies up when they so wanted to sleep, and she still is struggling to get rid of it, with a fever lingering on.

But, the packing is now done, and that is great, and such a blessing (though we are still waiting for our boxes to be picked up - um, they didn't get around to it today even though we were told it had to be done by today to make the ship!!!)

And this Land of the Unexpected just has such a beautiful side to it that it just pulls at your heart strings. Sunday was a beautiful day. Hugs of joy at seeing eachother again and some tears, knowing that our time together will be short. A beautiful Profession of Faith service. What a blessing. Shiana was super excited that dear Louisa ("her" little girl here in church- she's a bit over a year and half old) still remembered her. She actually came walking straight up to her and put her arms out for Shiana to pick her up!! It was so nice to be back in the Church Family here. How we have missed these services! There's something about them that we just miss when we are in Australia! Of course, I forgot my Camera (hello, Natalie, you have 3 Sundays here and you forget your camera!!???) So if you want to see some photos of our Sunday, you'll have to check out our colleagues' blog here .

The girls have been enjoying the Wildeboer children so much again. I think Ashlyn and Karlyn spent most of the Sunday Service hugging eachother (in the sweltering heat!!). And we have been enjoying the company of our colleagues again too, though it is hard to imagine that the special bond we have is coming to an end (well undergoing a great change, anyway!!)

So it is good to be back, albeit for such a short time. Andrew and I commented to eachother that we are glad that we did not have make the decision to leave the work here, whilst we were living here. The decision would have been the same, but it would have been so much harder to come to the decision whilst we were here. But God knows all of that too, and He has given us everything we have needed, and we know He will continue to do so!!


Anonymous said...

Hallo all,

Wonderful to read your blog. Our love and prayers for you all are constant.
P & C

Chandra said...

We have two roundabouts in Ancaster now! :o) said...

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