Friday, November 5, 2010

presentations and parties

Our dear second daughter asked me quietly a couple of days ago, after scanning over our blog (the girls often do that, and it is a great way for them to remember our life in PNG), "Mum, how come you blogged about Ashlyn's birthday and not mine?" OOPS! And now she will probably read this one day soon and say, "Mum, you shouldn't have said that". But, hey, you didn't hear it from me, okay!?

But I'll start before her birthday, actually even before the last post, when we headed to Tassie to present the mission work in Lae to the churches and school there, and where, incidently, I also celebrated my birthday in Hobart.

At a park in Hobart where we could "celebrate" my birthday with Andrew's Uncle and Aunt and cousins and their children.

In Hobart we could also catch up with good friends, DongWoo and Joy and their gorgeous children:

We also managed to head up Mount Wellington and see some snow. I, for one, had no interest in the white stuff, having had my fair share in Canada, and not particularly fond of the cold and messy stuff! Ashlyn, however, was insistent. She has always thought it rather unfair that even though she was born in Canada, she has no recollection of snow like the rest of the family does. So this little Canadian finally got to see some snow and remember it:

We also were blessed to visit with Andrew's Grandma. She is 95 and is still living on her own. It was good to see her again and we are thankful for that opportunity.

We did a mission presentation in Hobart, and also in Launceston. Turnouts were great and people responded really well. A blessing indeed! A few days after our return to WA we were able to do a presentation in the Albany churches and the school, with great turnouts and lots of enthusiasm again.

A week after we left Tasmania, Andrew's parents could visit us in Albany. Dad had to come for a classis meeting anyhow, so Mum decided to join him. They stayed with us for a short 6 days, but we had a good time nevertheless. While they were here we decided to celebrate Shiana's 10th birthday a few days early with a party in the park with her class mates and cousins:

And here's a couple of photos we took while Andrew's parents were here:

Kirilee and her grandpa

Our family!

A few days after Dad and Mum VDH left we (Andrew and Ashlyn and I) headed to Perth for more presenations and meetings. From Monday to Friday we did 3 presentations in various churches, 3 school presentations, had a board meeting and a homevisit, as well as another more informal meeting. My parents came along as a babysitter for Ashlyn. As Ashlyn is still working on adjusting to the changes in her little life, we thought this was the best arrangement for her (she wasn't ready for us to desert her for a few days just yet), and it did work out well. It was a full but wonderful week! Doing the presentations was in some way hard, as we know that the Lord has closed the chapter on our work there, and that was really brought home to us. However, at the same time the presentations worked to help us "debrief" somewhat and it was beautiful and rewarding to see that people have a real and genuine interest for God's work in PNG!


Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew and Natalie,
It was nice to read another update and see pictures of the girls. We continue to pray that God is giving you peace with your decision to stay in australia. You will be greatly missed we know, but we also know and understand that God has other plans for you at this time. Say hello to the girls for us - we hope they are also settling in well.
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