Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Closing a chapter

As most of you probably already know, we as family have come to a decision that we are no longer able to work in Lae, PNG. This decision was not an easy one for us to make, and it is one we made with great sadness, however, it was the decision we felt the Lord was leading us to make. Due to our recurrent miscarriages, it is not feasible for our family to be in Lae. For this reason we will not be returning to PNG to work (though we do plan to go back for a very short time to say our goodbyes and pack our things). In many ways it just seems so final. True, we would have had to say our goodbyes one day, we just had hoped it would not be so soon, and we know that one day we will share eternity with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world. And yet it is difficult.

Yet God has taught us once again that His ways are higher and our plans are just that - Our plans. And if His plans are different from ours, then who are we to try and resist? And so we trust that He will provide, not only for us but for our dear colleagues and friends, the Wildeboers, for our beloved brothers and sisters in Lae, PNG, and we know He will continue to work. After all, God doesn't need us (His work will continue, regardless!), He is just sometimes pleased to use sinful human beings. And we are so thankful for the privelege of working in PNG, we are so thankful for the friends we have made along the way (both in Canada and PNG, both "white skins" and "black skins"), we are so thankful for all the experiences we could have (both the good and bad), for the support from the home front we felt, and especially for the abiding faithfulness of a Loving God!