Friday, September 3, 2010

We are alive and Ashlyn is Five!!

A title that rhymes! So, so dull and tacky, but sometimes a title is the most difficult thing of writing a blog - and then dull and tacky has to do!!

We are still here, albeit in Australia. Sometimes I want to get back on this blog and write more often, but then I just wonder what I will write about... Sure we check in with the PNG news via their online newspapers....but that's just it. When you read about the fire and looting near the girl's school (which caused the school to close....and Shiana thought she was ripped off as she still had to go to school in Australia, and "if I had been in Lae I would have had a day off!!); or you read about the major fighting going on at uni-tech leaving a couple of students dead; then life seems pretty "normal" over here.

But "normal" is good too, so let me share our "normal" at the moment:

The girls are at school (Grade 6, 4 and pre-school) and here they are dressed for school on their first day way back in early July:

Andrew has been doing lots of gardening and met a few friends like this one I think large lizards are quite cute (yeah, I know, kind of strange!!) I kindly volunteered to relocate it for him so it would stop hissing at him every time he tried to dig near it. Poor Lizzy, he was just trying to catch a little winter sun...

yeah, i know, I like lizards, but I wasn't sure he liked me as much so I decided protect myself with a garden glove, just in case (though it was pretty thin, so I am not sure it would have helped if he decided to bite me...)

I have spent many hours behind the computer working on a DVD for our presentation. And it is done!! Well, I still need to make a few more copies and make some labels, but I am so glad it is done as it is always a big job (but it is fun too!). I also just finished making some photos posters to bring along to presentations, too!

And then, our dear youngest daughter turned 5! We are so thankful for this little girl, who is such a blessing in our lives. She was so excited to have a birthday in Australia, and I tell you, it is much easier finding birthday presents here!! Actually, I had to really reign myself in on the birthday present is so much fun, and there are so many great toys to choose from, and Ashlyn is our youngest, and she has very few toys here in Albany (they are all in Lae)...and, well, lots of reasons and excuses when you are walking through a Target or a Kmart!!!!

Ashlyn had a party last Saturday with her school friends....It was a gorgeous day - beautiful sunshine all day.

....waiting for her friends to arrive...

...lots of smiles...

...blowing out her candle...

...some of her friends getting ready to play a game...

And below are some shots of the group of party kids - the one boy is my nephew, Nathan (he was more than happy to be there with all the girls!!)

So we are alive and Ahslyn is Five!! Blessings all round!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a good furlough. Love to see the DVD some time!

Oh, and if nothing's happening, perhaps you should call your furlough blog "Lae About". (Just kidding, ok!)
Stephen 't Hart.

Elissa W said...

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!! Thanks for sharing the adorable photos... I especially love the pic of the 3 girls ready for school!
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