Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God is God

Once again things have been quiet here on this blog, partly because we are not in PNG at the moment and hence I feel there is less to write about, but also because the Lord has chosen to give us another burden to deal with. Again we have experienced another miscarriage. I was still early on in my pregnancy, but it is hard (as those who have experienced this - and many have- would know) to go through another miscarriage, and to have our hopes dashed again. But we know that God is in control and we Trust in Him. And we are so thankful to be in Australia where the medical care is amazing. It has made things a lot less stressful.

Just thinking and meditating on these past few days made me write another short poem. Thinking tends to do that to me, and I find it a great way to put some feelings onto paper (computer). I thought I would share it with you (it is really just some "rambling" thoughts and has not been edited, etc), as it is not specifically about miscarriage, but really about any burdens we face (and I know that we all have burdens to face and some much heavier than ours!) and God's place in them.

Lord your ways are high, above me altogether
Your ways are perfect, your plans in place forever

Who am I, Lord

Who am I, Lord

To question what you do?

What makes me think I can begin
To understand you?

You are Almighty

You are God

You are All-knowing

You are the Lord.

Each day of our lives you have prepared

and numbered every hair.
You've promised you'll do good to us,

despite each pain and care.

If you have told me all these things in your Enduring Word,

If you have showed me many times that you're a Faithful God,

Then now, too, Lord I can have peace

and I can be at rest
Knowing, Lord, that you are God

And you have done what's best!