Saturday, May 15, 2010

Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus

I (and I took Kirilee along too) was blessed today, to make a hospital visit with some ladies from our church to the local hospital, to share God's Word, to sing and to pray with the sick. I haven't been there for a while (since last year) and what a reminder of the poverty and helplessness that is raw are real in this country. I say I (as was Kirilee, it was a real eye-opener for her) was blessed, because when you see such sadness, and are able to share such hope and love with these people then it is a blessing.

By far the hardest ward to visit was the Kid's ward. As a mother, to see so many babies/children sick and even dieing was just heart-wrenching. The mothers all had their stories to tell. Many of the children and babies had malaria. One very sickly and skinny baby (just all bone and no fat) had apparently been adopted out by his birth mother (very, very common here). Except the "adoptive" parents decided to feed this 3 week old baby cow's milk (from milk powder) and the baby developed severe diarrhea and was starving to death. Now the real mother was looking after her in hospital and was trying to feed the baby breast milk again, though it really didn't look like the baby was getting anything. And the baby was not on tube feeding, a drip or anything! I am not a nurse, but it sure looked like this baby needed some more help! Then there were those who had been in hospital for a long time and really had no idea what their baby's problem was. A couple of the babies were doing well and were expecting to soon be released from hospital. There was a set of twins there who had been in hospital for a week but were doing really well now, which was wonderful to see!

I put together a short photo slide show of the photos I took today, with the song "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus", playing in the background. In this broken world, what more can we do than turn our eyes upon Him? Please pray for all these children and their families, that they may be healed, but especially that they may Turn their Eyes Upon Jesus!

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Joy said...

Thank you for showing this to us. May God grant you strength as you face the evidence of, as you said, 'a broken world'. Our prayers are with you and the people you serve.
DW & Joy