Friday, May 7, 2010


Well my cheerful Saturday (which I posted about last week) was followed by a much less cheerful Sunday. As I wrote the blog post on Saturday, Andrew was beginning to feel more and more ill. Overnight his conditioned worsened and he had a terrible night (had we been in Australia I think I would have taken him into ER!) culminating in a even more awful morning where he was so weak that he fainted as I was about to bring him to hospital, where when I arrived no one was around to help and where I had to bang on the locked hospital doors and yell loudly to finally get let in (after waiting and waiting!!), and where finally he was put on a drip and slowly re-hydrated. After a morning on the drip (and his colour slowly returning) and a battery of tests, I could bring him back home (they wanted to keep him in overnight, but we knew he would be more comfortable at home) where he could recuperate.

What was his problem? Well from reading the test results ourselves and from listening to the doctor talking (and continually mentioning the word amoebic "something", as well as parasites, cysts, etc) and from doing our own research at home we concluded that he was suffering from amoebic dysentery. Anyhow, whatever it was, he was thankfully re-hydrated firstly by the drip and later by Oral Re-hydration Solution at home, and also was given medication to get rid of the nasty parasites. Wow! What a day! Amazing and humbling how one can go so quickly from being fit and healthy to so very sick. Truly a reminder that we all desperately need God's grace for our daily sustenance.

Thankfully, throughout the week he has really improved and today he told me that for the first time this week he feels "pretty much back to normal". What a blessing good health is....what a blessing that we were able to get medical help. Reminds us to remember those who are much less fortunate than us, also in this country. No wonder so many people die of Dysentery, Cholera and the like. If a fit and healthy man like Andrew can get so sick, so quickly, no wonder so many people die here in this country, when they are often not so healthy to start with and then often reach medical help too late. Many people need our prayers!


kris said...

With you we thank the Lord that Andrew is feeling much better. May He continue to care for you all.
Regards, Kristy

Mrs. Bob said...

what a day, indeed!
wow. we give thanks with you that all turned out well.
how quickly our health can be taken away!