Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kirilee's birthday

How's this? Two posts in one day....not bad for someone who struggles to get two posts in a week usually! Well I thought that I would do better separating the two posts today. This one is dedicated to our eldest daughter who turned 11 today. Where have those years gone?

Kirilee is our thinker, our reader, who never tires of talking (now where would she get that from?). She loves school and loves homework (doesn't get that from me!!). She loves babies and does a great job looking after them, never tiring of holding and cuddling them. Mostly she loves to be "grown up", but sometimes she loves just being a kid. She is very stubborn and sticks to her guns (which, well, sometimes poses problems when her will is not in line with her parent's will), but at the same time it means she is not a pushover and will stand up for what she believes in. She loves doing research, loves learning new things, loves looking through books which teach about Bible History and places. She loves writing little snippets in her diary and she loves hearing "Bible Stories" (for older children). She learns songs and Bible Texts very quickly. She loves vegetables, and dislikes many fruits (though she loves apples and watermelon). Well that about sums up our daughter...Thank you Lord for blessing us with this child and help us to be a blessing to her! Forgive us when we fail, and despite our faults and flaws, be her Perfect, Loving and Almighty Father always!

Kirilee received a desk for her birthday and was so pleased with it....she even got her Dad's old, old laptop to tinker with, though when we turned it on this morning we found that a few keys don't work....guess we'll have to hunt for a USB keyboard some time soon! Here she is showing off some books she received from Oma. Both Opa and Oma and Grandpa and Grandma gave her books...they sure know what makes her happy!

We had a little party this afternoon with Uncle Ian and Aunt Nadia and family...

Okay, now when you look at this cake I made, you have to understand that we live in PNG and I couldn't find the candies I needed, and then the piping bag which I bought (and I didn't even buy the cheapest) to pipe the melted chocolate ripped the second I used it, and then the gel stuff that I found in one store to make gel flowers came out all runny (perhaps from the heat??). Well it still looks like a castle, right? Shiana reassured me by telling me that it was just one of those old, old castles, which looks a bit rough. And I thanked her sweetly, reminding her that even though that might excuse the castle itself, actually the flowers should still not look old and dilapidated....

But Kirilee was happy....and we had a blessed day!!

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Natalie P - W said...

Happy Birthday Kirilee! I can't believe your baby is 11yrs old.
You girls are so grown up and beautiful, they look so much like you.
Keep taking wonderful photos, its so nice to see what your daily life is like over there.
God bless your family
hugs and kisses xx