Friday, April 16, 2010

another week to blog about...

Last weekend, while the girls were still enjoying school holidays, we could thankfully spend a few days in the highlands, at the SIL mission base at Ukarumpa. Being in the highlands means the temperature is much cooler than in Lae, which is so nice for a few days! So nice not to constantly sweat! We have friends in Ukarumpa, too, who we were able to visit and we always enjoy the peaceful surroundings, the lovely people, and the time to just relax for a few days. It seems that every time you travel in this country you see something out of the ordinary. This time this sight greeted us as we traveled. We are not sure what happened as it is a straight stretch of road with not obvious potholes nearby, but the fire was still flaming (not just smoking)...and as we had the camera handy we took some quick photos:

And the cooler temperatures in Ukarumpa mean that we spend more time outside. And Ashlyn is always happy to be the subject of my photos:

After returning to Lae I received a phone call from a friend who told me she was going to start teaching swimming lessons in the compound where she lives, and she wanted to know if we were interested! Well, offers for swimming lessons by a trained swimming instructor are not exactly something to pass by in Lae, as they just don't usually happen, so swimming lessons it is. 2 afternoons per week for the next three or so weeks. Ashlyn is in one class and Kirilee and Shiana directly after in another class. Here's Ashlyn doing her thing:

And here's a photo of Shiana. For some reason I didn't get one of Kirilee. Maybe another time. Our girls all are very confident in the water but they just have never really had the opportunity to refine their strokes and learn them properly (which would mean they would be far behind their age group in Australia in terms of stages). It looks like they are getting their strokes sorted out now, and we are very thankful for this opportunity!
And then....late this afternoon Andrew hopes to head to the airport to pick up Ian (who has been in Moresby for a few days), as well as Hendrik and Kristen Alkema! It has been about four years since we saw them last (at our farewell in Canada back in 2006!!!!), and we are looking forward to getting reacquainted with them. More than that, we, along with our co-workers, are keen to share the work here in Lae with them, to help them determine if this is the place that God would have them serve. Please pray that their time here may be a blessing, and that God will use this time to help them come to a decision which pleases Him. His Will be done!

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