Tuesday, March 16, 2010

literacy photos

Had another literacy class last Thursday and again today. Last Thursday I actually remembered my camera and took some photos so here they are:

The girls and ladies hard at work...

Lending a helping hand to one another....

And here they all - with all their smiling faces! Eleven of them are taking the new course with me (two continuing on from last year), two come along just to learn some more things and to help out a bit, and one comes a long as a helper.

The new students, as well as the two continuing on, are doing so well. I think that my two students continuing on from last year are getting a real boost because they watch the speed at which the younger ones learn and this encourages them to keep at it. And today I saw such progress in these two students - what a blessing. And, well, what a difference it makes teaching predominantly younger students. Their minds are so much sharper - today I was again amazed at how quickly some of them are catching on and at how good their memories are! Praise God...and we pray it will continue. It actually is great for my enthusiasm as well. Good thing, too, because on Thursday we will go back to "school" for another literacy class and I am looking forward to it!

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