Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just trying to see if I can upload video

Okay, so this is something new for me....just trying to upload some short video clips. I took them on Kirilee's cheepo camera this morning so they are not of particularly good quality, and then I made them smaller so they wouldn't take too long to upload. I hope they work!

On this first one you will have to excuse my singing....I had no idea it would be quite that loud and overbearing... and, no, I didn't get blessed with one of those beautiful singing voices! This is singing before the service has started. Kirilee is holding Louisa...she is adorable!

The second is just a short clip of Andrew leading the service. Both clips were taken this morning at church.

Then while I am at it I may as well post some photos:

Kirilee and Louisa at church this morning.

And below are some photos of Pewee fishing....a fun fishing time for kids at the yacht club - held on last Saturday morning from 8-10am (and it was already sweltering and hot in the sun, especially with the water reflecting the heat.) All fishing gear, as well as some refreshments are supplied and you just have to turn up and fish.... Shiana, as per usual, was the only one in our family who caught a fish (though I didn't have the camera when she caught it....Andrew brought that down later when he popped in for a few minutes).

Shiana doing her thing!

Kirilee didn't want to fish until Shiana caught one, but then she did!

Shiana along with the other kids who caught fish. Those who actually caught a fish got a prize bag with goodies in it from Coca Cola, and all the kids got a small gift for participating.


john and johanna said...

they are lovely Natalie so keep them coming.
love A j

Anonymous said...

We're impressed...feels as tho' we're there with u again!
P & C