Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just have to share...

....after coming home from a beautiful morning of Bible Study.

After praying before going to Bible Study this morning and asking God to bless it, I am just in awe at His Power again. He is so Mighty, and He can do whatever He wishes with His Word. Sometimes I think that before I go to Bible Study, I worry too much about what I am going to say, how I will say it, will my Tok Pisin (the local "trade" language) be good enough, etc, etc. What am I thinking? God can do anything. He can use my mumblings and bumblings in whichever way He wants, because it is His Word and His Spirit doing the work...and I/we are just weak human instruments.

Can you tell it was a good morning?? It was. A beautiful morning. We were speaking about the work of the Holy Spirit. We were speaking about the fruits of the Spirit. What a lesson for all of us. Do we walk in the Spirit? A life with the Spirit is characterized by love; a humble, loving walk with the Lord which seeks His Kingdom and the good of others! The Spirit is not some tool for us to use as we please...the Spirit is God and He will work!

God uses His Word to let His Spirit work. And He did that this morning too. We had such wonderful and open discussions, and one woman was moved to tearfully apologize to everyone else for having wronged them in the times she has gossiped about them and not showed them love. What a blessing! What a lesson for me personally! And what made it an even greater blessing is that over the last weeks we have spent time praying for this member who's tongue is sometimes sharp and has caused pain among our women. God does do amazing things.

We pray He may help her to change and to learn to always speak the truth in Love. And as I shared with all the women, may we all search our own hearts and examine our own lives and where there is sin and a need for change, may we confess our sins and seek to walk our lives under the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

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Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

Amen! Continuing to pray for you all. May the Spirit conitnue to work among you.