Saturday, December 26, 2009

a smok'n good time

Firstly, to all our readers: We hope your Christmas was a blessed one and we wish you God’s blessings for the New Year!

We have been having a wonderful time and we are so thankful for the opportunity to take this holiday. Last week we spent a few days in Mission Beach, and as always....a story was generated that we thought we would share with you all.

One evening Ashlyn caught sight of a lady smoking in a cabin just up from ours. She was very distressed and wanted us to lock the door when she went to bed. She couldn’t get to sleep and kept on crying about the lady smoking. She was scared of her. Anyway, Andrew ended up having a deep and meaningful conversation with her and it came out that she thought that only “bad” people smoke. Somehow in her little mind she equated smoking with the raskols (criminals) in Lae, and therefore was terrified, ensuring that we locked the door to keep the bad lady out. When we thought/spoke about it further, we realised that it is only Papua New Guinean people that she has ever seen smoking, and when she has questioned us about it, we have told her that smoking is bad (and thus in her logic, only “bad” (criminal) people smoke). Also, she has never seen any of our “white” friends smoke. She also picks up on the fact that in Lae we are more wary of our surroundings and of what people are doing, that we lock car doors while we are driving, watch our bags more, etc,etc. She picks up that here in Australia we are more relaxed about these things. So putting all of the above together she somehow became terrified of this smoking lady. We managed to reassure her, and eventually she went to sleep, but in the morning it was the first thing she talked about as she woke up. Thankfully the lady left that morning!

Here are some pics of the holiday we are enjoying:

Swimming in Matt and Claire's pool

...and again!

Ashlyn admiring Aleisha's birthday cake (we were there for her 3rd birthday party)

Shakira, Shiana and Ashlyn with a sick bird (which died soon after)

Kirilee and Shiana having fun with some new found friends in the Church group!

The lovely pool at our Caravan park in Mission Beach (where we spent 3 nights this past week)

We enjoyed a few walk trails

...and again. Even Ashlyn does pretty well hiking a little. Thankfully we are used to heat and humidity!

every now and then Ashlyn needed a little extra help up the hill

A children's trail....following the cassowary footprints... find the treasure (fake Cassowary eggs)

Back at Matt and Claire's house for Christmas

Ashlyn just loves the water and swims away

Shiana taking a big breath as she comes up for air!

Enjoying a great Christmas dinner with good company.

Ashlyn with Shakira and Aleisha (they are now best friends!)

Cheeky, or what!

And there is always room for dessert, especially this delicious trifle that Claire made!


jen said...

A great post and nice to see you spent Christmas with friends in Cairns:)
God's blessings to you all for the New Year as well:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. As for the fears - goes to show how carefully we have to word things, hey? Things that seem obvious to us, aren't! Preying that God will continue to give you everything you need in the new year.
Allan, Alice, Jacoba, Jonah, Simon, and Allie
P.S. Congratulations yet on your new nephew. He's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I meant "praying" of course ....