Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's already nearing the end of November....and that means that over here in Lae, too, things begin to wind down... This past Tuesday we had our last Woman's Bible Study for the year, and today was our last literacy class for the year. At the end of the year there are school meetings and graduations, etc, also for our church members...and often they do not know the dates that these meetings will be held until about when they are to be held. So last week we decided to finish up this week, and although I do enjoy both leading Bible Study and literacy, I can say that I am truly looking forward to a break!

I had meant to take my camera to the last Bible Study.... as we were having (at the suggestion of the ladies) a bung kaikai (kind of a pot luck lunch PNG style....I always do some baking, as they just love cake!)....but alas my camera refused to come with me (actually I forgot it, of course!). But it was a lovely morning. I had planned to do a new lesson for Bible Study, but because all the ladies were late (had to go to market first thing in the morning, then prepare their food, then cook over an open fire, then bring it along.....unlike my premade cakes, pulled out the freezer and pre-prepared rice, reheated in the microwave!), suddenly decided on the spot to change my plans and do a general review of the past few was either that or I would not have even been ready to come home before the girl's finished school!!!

We had a great morning, and it was a wonderful and blessed way to finish off the year!

Had our last literacy class for the year today. Usually I would have pushed on a bit longer, as I don't like the idea of them going for so long without "school" for fear they will forget!! However, for a while now I have struggled with the course I am using. I really don't feel that it focusses enough on phonetics, so throughout the past year I have been changing it so much that at times I feel as though I may as well throw the course out! I have often thought how much a new course needs to be written, but I have not been feeling up to trying! Then this past year I was thankful to learn of another course. I met with its creator recently, and I am so pleased with what it looks like. So next year I intend to use it instead, and to let some other students come in (a few new church comers have sometimes asked to join our class, but have been unable to do so because we were half way a course....but now I hope it will be possible). I feel very excited and am looking forward to continue with Literacy next year with renewed enthusiasm...why is it that enthusiasm is always higher at the start of the year than at the end anyway???

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