Monday, November 2, 2009

Another long while between posts! Where does the time go anyway? Seems like before you know it another day has passed and another….and then well…you all know how it is!

Water problems continue in Lae. The girls have had to miss four days of school so far and we expect this to continue as a couple of pumps have broken down, thus town water is basically off (and is expected to be off at least till Friday). Without toilets and hand washing available, the school has been forced to close. At the moment they are desperately trying to install rain water tanks to service at least a couple of the toilet blocks, but then of course we need rain to fill them, and although we had some rain last night, rain has been pretty scarce of late. So, most of Lae (that is in the city housing) is without water. Many of our friends/acquaintances are taking bucket showers sometimes with store bought water. Washing/laundry is piling up and dishes hardly get done. We are so, so thankful to live where we do right now. Because we are down from the mountain where the water is stored, we still receive water, albeit with low pressure. It’s the people who need to have water pumped to them who are suffering - and that's most of Lae city! And because of lack of rain, the settlement dwellers have also been struggling to find suitable water. Because they never have town water anyway, that does not affect them so much, but the lack of rain does. Because they have no large capacity water storage facilities, they rely on regular rain to get clean water for washing, etc! So we pray for rain, we pray for the restoration of the pumping system, and we pray especially for patience for all affected.

It feels rather frustrating that school has to be closed! It seems like such a waste that due to water problems the schooling is affected. I have been trying to do extra work with the girls (printing work off the internet)…hopefully tomorrow we can go into school and get some work for them….but I might have to cancel Bible Study and/or Literacy this week if they don’t go back to school soon!

Thankfully, last Friday we could head up to Ukarumpa for a cool change! Actually the reason we had to be there was mainly due to me needing work finished on one of my teeth. It had been started over a month ago and was meant to be completed during the week of our conference, but because I didn’t go to the conference (due my unexpected trip to Cairns), Andrew rescheduled the appointment for me! So we headed up on Friday, and that same afternoon I had my tooth fixed….and then we were able to enjoy an extra night there too. We actually happened to be there on the day of their annual carnival (we didn’t know that until a few days before we went there), so that was fun for the kids (and we enjoyed it too!). The carnival was mainly organized by the high school students and they did a great job! Funds were raised for homeless children in Port Moresby, this year. Here are some photos of our weekend:

face painting at the carnival - Ashlyn couldn't help giggling - she was so ticklish

Kirilee got this cute fish!

Kirilee enjoying a horse ride! did Ashlyn

...and Shiana

The "homemade, manual" ferris wheel was a hit with Shiana!

hanging on!

fun with Daddy

Kirilee posing!

Ashlyn posing in her own way.....

Shiana doing her cartwheels!! Great fun in the cool air!

Our three girls....growing up so fast!


Lucy said...

It even 'looks' cool! Nice to see the girls having so much fun. The ferris wheel is fabulous!
We're praying for restoration of the water pumps in town and lots of rain...

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the water problems, but so glad you got to get up to Ukarupma. Blessings on you all. Tell the family I said hi.

jen said...

your children are just gorgeous and how happy and content they are in Lae:)