Wednesday, September 2, 2009

where does the time go??

It's been a while again, and it seems I just don't know where the time goes....but then everyone feels like that I am sure...except kids (at least our kids don't seem to think that time goes that fast, especially when they are just so desperate to grow up! Why???)

I am trying to remember what we have been doing...

The girls have been doing their

Andrew has been doing his usual...working in his office/meetings/running around doing errands in town. He often sees interesting things out our office/bedroom the other day when he was looking out the window and watched as someone came screaming down the road before a car rolled up behind the person and presumably hit them with the car (not at high speed) before putting him into the car and then driving off, with heaps of other people running after them!? Who knows what was going on.

I seem to have spent much time behind the computer, apart from the usual Bible Studies, literacy course and Youth fellowship. I am desperately trying to work on finishing up with organising Sunday School things....I've been on the go with it so long that I just want it done!

Last week Julie's (the lady who comes in a few times a week to help me out) daughter was really sick with malaria, to the point that she couldn't walk without her legs shaking in weakness. The sad thing was that, even though at my insistence Julie took a day off work to take her to the clinic (she is always scared to go to a clinic - but I basically gave her some money and told her- in a nice way - that I didn't want to see her back till she had taken Kathryn - the daughter - to the clinic), two days later Kathryn was doing no better, but getting worse, to the point of not be able to walk as I described above. When I asked Julie (when she returned to work two days after taking Kathryn to the clinic) how Kathryn was and what the clinic had said, I was told that Kathryn was terribly sick, but that the nurse at the clinic had given them Amoxicillin - for malaria??? I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to just send her to another clinic as I knew she would be too scared to as I knew that another church member was bringing her daughter to the clinic that morning (for a different ongoing sickness) I called that church member and asked if she would take Julie and Kathryn with her. Of course, they usually hop on a bus and go to the clinic, but I was worried about Kathryn going on the bus in her state. So first I went and picked them all up and then dropped them off, telling them to call me if they needed another ride later on. They managed on their own - they're pretty tough!! I saw the other church member later in the afternoon and asked her if they had to wait for a really long time (there were lots of people there when I dropped them off). I was told that it wasn't too long at all, that they were out by about 1:30pm. As I dropped them off at about 9:30, that is four hours!!! Now, I know that sometimes we, back in the west, wait in emergency rooms for a long time....but for 4 hours to visit a nurse at a clinic in the daytime (and then that is a short wait!). And you have to realise that it is hot and the waiting area is basically outdoors and that there are no chairs to sit on or magazines to read (if you can even read, anyway). And then to think that most of those people waiting there need to catch a bus (no not an airconditioned comfortable bus - a hot, completely squashy, half-broken down, smoking bus) and then maybe even walk for 10-20 minutes or so to actually get to the clinic, often feeling terribly sick! Unbelievable.

Thankfully, however, this time Kathryn got the right medicine and, after her family forced her to take it fully and properly (she hates taking medicine), she is doing much, much better! Praise God.

Oh....and last week the paper reported an interesting incident in Lae, where a worker had been bitten by a dog when walking to work. The man was on private property, but thought the short cut to his place of work was too good an opportunity to miss. Little did he know that "Trouble" (the dog) was patroling the property. When arriving at work, the colleaugues of the man thought the damage inflicted on their mate required compensation, so a group of them made their way to the property. They became angry, and started throwing rocks at the buildings on the property, and inadvertently some landed on buildings of a neighbouring property.

The workers from this property then made their way to the property of the workers who inflicted the damage, along with some machinary to ensure the damage they inflicted was going to be greater than the damage their workplace had experienced. It was estimated they caused around K55 000 in damages.

The next day, the workers from this company reataliated of course, destroying 2 excavators valued at K2.5 million. Quite a number of workers were injured, including two ex-pats. Amazing that the dog who started all the trouble was apparently even named Trouble, and he obviously lived up to his name .....amazing what damage one small dog can cause!

Also, did you know that a mystery illness in the Menyamya area has killed at least 177 people with the death toll rising....and it seems nothing (or at least very little )is being done about it (the road going to the area is in such disrepair that it is almost impassable)? Can you imagine if 177 people had died in a western country? I think it would be making big headlines and that the outcry would be huge and something major would be happening to find out what the problem was.

As always, PNG is full of interesting stories, some that humour us and many that saden us...but we know that our Heavenly Father is always in control - may many more Papua New Guineans come to know this too!


Lucy said...

Sounds like you are all very busy! Hope you get your Sunday school stuff finished soon Nat :). Our prayers are with you, your family, and your community. xxx

Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

Makes me so thankful for the health care and criminal justice system we have in Canada! May God give you boldness, health, and safety, but most of all love.