Saturday, August 22, 2009

a short one

Just wanted to share another short story that Julie came to our house with the other day...
Her cousin (lady) died in her village a couple of days ago, but she wasn't going back for the funeral as her daughter is sick and her aunty is sick, so she is staying in Lae to look after them.
When I asked why she died, she told me the story. Apparently the clinic near the village sent the woman to Lae to go to the "proper" hospital. She had severe abdominal pain and was very weak and sick with diarrhoea. The doctor's at the hospital wanted to operate (open her up) as they suspected a problem in her uterus. The woman wanted the operation, the husband said no and took her back the the village where she died a couple days later. The doctor's didn't want to argue with the man for fear of him retaliating, and the woman's own voice was basically not even heard. Whata waste of life, which possibly could have been saved. The wife's family is very angry at the husband and are apparently considering bashing him up in retaliation.

I've been hearing of lots of stories of women dieing or being sick it seems with problems with their uterus. One of our church member's cousins (the woman that died was also a relative of another chruch member) recently died from problems with her uterus (though no-one ever quite knows what problem.)

These stories always make me realise that, despite all the complaints in the Western world about our own health-care systems, we really are very, very blessed by how well they usually work. Stories of negligence that make big news in Australia don't even rate a tiniest mention in this country - they just happen too often to keep up with them!

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