Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ashlyn is 4!!

Yesterday, Ashlyn turned four, and she hasn't let us forget it!! She has been looking forward to it for such a long time, and has been telling everyone about the upcoming event for such a long time too. We are so thankful to God for our dear daughter and for His protection of her the last four years (where has time gone???).

Over the weekend we had some missionary friends from Ukarumpa visiting, so we thought it was a great oppurtunity for Ashlyn to have an early birthday party while they were here. Here are some pics of our weekend and of her party and birthday!

Above Ahslyn is playing with her friend Kassia from Ukarumpa
and below she is swimming with her! What fun!!

For her party we had dinner together:

Followed by the birthday cake. Ashlyn loves snakes and so picked a snake for her birthday cake. I didn't mind as it involved lots of chocolate which we don't usually buy too often because it is so expensive here....but for a birthday cake, well that's a different story!!

For Ashlyn's birthday Andrew decided to make her a small oven/stove/sink kitchen.
Here are some photos of the process:

I was the designated painter:

...and Ashlyn just loves it so much. Nice hot pink, hey! The kettle and some other things came from Australia (she loves them - I have been getting cups of tea all day!!). The little pans and utensils I managed to find here in a cheap store (so cheap that a couple of pans fell apart the first day!!). I never expected to find them though, but just happened upon them. How's that??

On the actual day of her birthday, yesterday, it was so funny. She just did not know what to play with first, so she kept switching from one thing to the next. She played with her kitchen, then I had to sit and read her the new book she got from Australia. Then she would be back at her kitchen and then here she is playing with some new Little People sent from Australia ( boy, she loves those things!!):

We had to go shopping on the morning of her birthday to get a few things. When we arrived at one of the stores one of the check out girls came running up calling, "Happy Birthday, Ashlyn." (Ashlyn had told her about her birthday coming up the week before!). Then she told Ashlyn to wait and came running back with a present neatly wrapped up for her. It was a gorgeous Piglet teddy and Ashlyn just adores it. I thought it was such a special and giving gesture - the lady earns so little herself, and still just gave to Ashlyn like that (she does really love Ashlyn and every week when we go to the store she carries her around and shows her to all her friends - she's been doing that for a couple of years now, so I think she feels like Ashlyn is a big part of her life!). We will make her a thank you card and bring it next week when we shop!

When I put Ashlyn in bed last night she sighed heavily and said, "Can I please have some more presents tomorrow?" mmmm..... that's a four-year-old for you!!


bron said...

very nice cake decorating skills ... my cakes are usually just cupcakes with icing if you are lucky ... and I loooooove the little kitchen ... the hot pink looks fantastic ... God bless you out on the mission field, you are continually in our prayers ...

bronya mulder

Bruce and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Ashlyn! Looks like you had some enjoyable celebrations. Loove the cake.

Elissa W said...

Happy Birthday Ashlyn! I absolutely love the hot pink kitchen - what a fabulous idea! I'm sure she will get hours of imaginary food made there!
tim, elissa & boys

Anonymous said...

Love the cake, but not a fame of snakes! and happy birthday Ashlyn! Can't believe how much your girls have grown!

love Nat with out a 'e'

jenny said...

hello our name is jenny i also have a daughter ashlyn dob 21 august 2004 she was so amazed that you daughter has the same name thank you for your time ..
from jenny and ashlyn..australia