Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what a time we had...but all good things come to an end...

Yes, they’re gone!! How very sad. I think we are in mourning now. Ashlyn woke up this morning, jumped out of bed, came running to me and burst into tears crying, “Is Jessica really going home today?” When I replied in the affirmative she promptly added, “But I don’t want them all to go.” I think that summarizes how we all felt. We had such a wonderful time and will miss them immensely. But life goes on as do the routines. Saying goodbyes is such a big part of being a missionary family, but, though you get used to it, it’s still not fun. But there is excitement to help us through… tomorrow, the Lord willing, we will be welcoming Andrew’s parents for 3 weeks. That’s sure to put some smiles back onto our faces!!

Anyway, this is a full blog of photos just so you can see how we spent some of our time with our visitors. Hope you enjoy them, as on dialup they took forever to download, but there was just so many good photos that I couldn’t reduce the number too much!!

THe whole crowd!

welcoming cousins - Rohan and Shiana

Kirilee and Sharelle

Ashlyn and Kayla

Catching up and sharing....

being spoilt with gifts!

Practicing a song in Kamkumung with Agnes

Rohan and Aidan making fishing guns

...and hunting for mice and grasshoppers and gheckos with Emmanuel

sharing cheesecake at home

...and pizza out

Posing for photos taken by "big" cousins

Visiting the local market

...Enjoying gorgeous babies!

Getting busy making a sjoelbak table while we ladies had Bible Study...

...and trying it out...

...while the girls try out some new beading techniques.

Getting ready for Bible fellowship and worship in Biwat...

...and heartily joining in.

...preparing a meal to share with the Kamkumung fellowship group on Wednesday night...

...and enjoying some rice stuck to the bottom of the pan -Monica and Jessica!

Holding a python at the Rainforest Habitat...

...Ashlyn wanted to take it home...

...and Shiana heartily agreed...

...but Kirilee and Sharelle were much more tentative.
For the record, I held it too BTW, but alas the photo did not do justice to my beauty (cough!! cough!!!....more like it did do justice to my face, but I did not like the truth it portrayed!!!)
I think that about sums it up...not everything we did, but lots of it! Busy but fun. We thought, so anyway, and Andrew and Rita and kids told us they enjoyed it too. And judging by their words and smiles and actions and interest, we are inclined to think that they really did!!
Now we look forward to a wonderful time with Andrew's parents too!

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jen said...

wow that's awesome you had the rellies come, you would love that i am sure. And those bravo's with those snakes:(