Friday, July 24, 2009

more visitors and a break

Mum and Dad VanderHeide arrived safe and sound and two days later we were on our way for a short break. We spent time in Madang, where we visited "our" village - the village we spent 6 weeks in during our training almost 3 years ago. We visited them on Sunday and Andrew preached to an attentive audience!! After the service we shared a meal with them (we brought the chicken and rice!)

Then we spent a few days in Ukarumpa, where I also made a visit to the dentist there for a cracked tooth! We had a wonderful time (apart from the dentist visit). Check out the photos!

Kirilee at Jais Aben

...and again (I was trying out different poses on our camera)

Andrew and Ashlyn sharing special moments in the pool

...and again

Shiana just being Shiana.... only she can be...

...and finally posing with a smile!

One of the crabs Shiana caught at the beach...

...and holding a chicken in the village.

Mum and Dad commented on the glorious colours all about in PNG. Like this...

...and this....
and this....
local artwork...

the girls enjoying a cooling swim in the river at our village, when we visited on Sunday.

village house

Evidence that Mum and Dad actually came to the village, ate the food they were offered, sat on the floor to eat, went on bare feet (albeit for a very short time) and....actually enjoyed it.

gorgeous village baby

...and gorgeous village girl

happy all round!
Then this last photo needs an explanation with it, and it is not a very happy explanation. ON the photo below on the right hand side there is a boy with a dark shirt on with blue stripes on the sleeves. This photo was taken when Andrew and Rita were here and Andrew was building the sjoelbak table.
Last night we went into Biwat for fellowship night. As we walked in we were told that the venue for the fellowship had changed. Instead it would be held in a haus Krai (house of mourning). Apparently that boy (pictured) had been in Biwat staying with family for the school holidays, which is why he was in Lae and on the photo. He is a nephew of one of our church members (Viviana), and thus attended church with them while he was here. Well last week he went back home to Mount Hagen, and on Sunday morning a tragic accident claimed his life. He was just 12 years old. Apparently he had climbed onto the roof of a building (not a strong building, but a makeshift dwelling) to retrieve something. The roof, being brittle from the sun, caved in and he landed straight on his head on the concrete flooring below, which killed him instantly. What a sad story. His body is being brought into Biwat for a day before taking the long trip to the Sepik area to be buried in his parent's home village. It seems like these kind of accidents happen so often here in PNG. Thankfully Andrew was also able to share God's Word and the promises it contains with the wider family last night. Please join us in praying for the family who grieve this loss.


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The post is beautiful, but has a sad ending.
All praise be to those who can give comfort in the Lord. May God continue to bless your work:)