Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 more sleep

Only one more sleep!!! And then, DV, our visitors arrive. We are very excited...
Throughout our excitement, though, we have been dealing with some sickness here! On Monday I started feeling sick with low fevers and a sore throat, which by evening turned into fairly high fevers and vomiting as well. Kirilee had a sore on her knee which was blowing up and looking terribly infected, despite our putting antibiotic ointment on it, and she was also starting to feel unwell! So Tuesday morning I decided to go to the doctor and get her and me checked out together. I was diagnosed with a throat infection (thankfully the malaria slide came back negative!!!) and Kirilee with a badly infected sore. Her sore was cleaned up and she was given some antibiotics and I was given antibiotics too. We paid and were ready to leave when Kirilee suddenly moaned, “mummy” and fainted into my arms. Thankfully we were not out on the street!! So she got laid on the bed and fanned until she was feeling well enough and then we walked to the car, her leaning on my arm. She must have looked pretty white still as I could hear everyone commenting as we walked by, “em sik ya!” (She’s sick!!)
Anyway, we got home, we both took some medicine and laid down. My fevers started going down over the next few hours after taking the medicine but my stomach got worse and worse. I had cramps and more vomiting and I felt so ill – for a while I felt so bad that when I heard the phone ring I was convinced that the surgery was calling back telling me they had read my blood slide wrong, and I actually had malaria. Even yesterday, although my symptoms of fever and sore throat had thankfully subsided, and I managed to work, I was constantly overcome by nausea and still almost vomited a number of times. Last night I woke up again with terrible nausea, stomach cramps and awful heart burn. I decided to go online (at 3 am!!) and check out the antibiotic (erythromycin) I had been prescribed. I came across this website .
Ah, people that described how I was feeling! I decided there and then to take myself of the medication. And let this be a warning to all of you....don’t take this medication unless you absolutely have to. At least ask your doctor about it!! It may make you feel terrible. Last night, when I was lying in pain and feeling so sick again, I was actually wondering what terrible disease I had and worried about how I was going to get it diagnosed here in PNG!! And then it dawned on me that perhaps I was reacting to the medication!! I am going to see how I go, and if my infection symptoms come back I will go and get another antibiotic. But, now I am thankful to say, that at the moment without having taken the drug since last night, my stomach is much more settled and I am feeling a lot better. Kirilee is still limping a bit, and the sore is still red and swollen, but just this morning we think the swelling on the knee is finally going down and she was feeling well enough for a play date with a friend from school who called this morning!
Bring on the visitors!!!!


HH said...

wow, nat, those side effects are nasty. glad you went on good old google at 3am! hope you are feeling better and have an enjoyable time with your family.

Mrs. Bob said...

i've had medication before that was worse than the disease itself... yucky.
not quite that bad, though! and at least my doctor was just a phone call away!
enjoy your time with family, may God grant you good health for the duration!

Henk van der Laan said...

Enjoy the time with you fam. the next weeks.

Henk en Joke