Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend joys

This afternoon, after church, we had about 6 youth over for lunch and a swim in the refreshing swimming pool. Kirilee was especially excited because Alosinda came with her daughter, Louisa. The girls (and we all) love having them all over as they are just so nice to have around. We all had lots of fun together especially the girls playing Marco Polo with them in the pool. Andrew was the appointed babysitter (he had a swim already while I got lunch ready) and he watched Louisa while she slept inside first of all (while he did all the dishes!) and then he had lots of cuddles outside while Mum Alosinda got to have fun. I am not sure who enjoyed it most!
Here are some pics of our afternoon:

Alosinda and Louisa

playing Marco Polo in the pool

Andrew busy babysitting

Yesterday Shiana had her friend Kelsey (from her class at school) over for the day, and they had a ball of a time (not sure what they all did, but they were very busy all the time, so they must have been having fun).

a bucket of water and a few dolls....all the fun in the world!

Then as per usual a story (or two):

This morning at church a "new" girl (16-20 year old???) came to church. When we had the other youth around today they told us that she was the sister of Moses, the youth who was killed when run over by a bus. Moses was the mastermind behind the break-ins at our church block last year. Isn’t it incredible that his sister now came to the worship service this morning? We don’t know if she will return as people often come and go, but we thought it was an amazing reminder of how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Please join us in praying that Moses’ family may be compelled of the Truth in God’s Word and may turn to Him.

And then I forgot to mention in the last blog that we found out something interesting regarding the death of Ishmael last year. Apparently it turned out that he was not killed in retaliation by people he was robbing. Rather some of his fellow criminals (his supposed “mates”) apparently killed him because of jealousy (one woman suggested it was because he had not shared some of the booty of their criminal activities with them). Such a sad and tragic life and death. May God spare others from this life and instead bring them into the Light of His Word.

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Wendy said...

I could not find an email address in which to contact you, so I hope leaving a comment on your blog is okay. We're a family in the USA that may move to Lae. We have girls your girls' ages and would send them to the same international school. I've contacted other missionaries that have since left PNG, but I was hoping to chat with someone that currently lives in the city in which we would move. We're not missionaries (although, aren't we all anyway?), but would be working for the university. My email is wagarland at yahoo dot com. I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Wendy