Friday, June 26, 2009

getting excited

just so you means: 1 week to go before my brother (Andrew), his wife (Rita) and their six dear children (Jessica, Natasha, Sharelle, Rohan, Aidan and Kayla) arrive. We are so excited! I hope I find the time to blog while they are here!...and then after they go, the very next day Andrew's parents arrive for a 3 week stay. Wow! HOw's that for fun!

...Andrew (my husband) spent two nights (1 full day) in Moresby this week for a meeting with other school board chairpersons (from across PNG). While he was there he also got to pop out to the Bible College and meet with the Doumas (new missionaries over there, sent out by NZ) and especially to visit with "our" students at the Bible College (Nothing like killing two birds with one stone). He really enjoyed that.

The girls and I kept ourselves busy at home - me trying to get ahead with Bible study preparation, Sunday School, Literacy, etc before our visitors arrives, so that I can enjoy every minute with them! Oh, and I did some baking.....and put it in the freezer (got to keep guests happy, or they won't come again!!!) Then there was Bible Studay morning and literacy morning, so no time to get bored. And Shiana and I have been trying to get ahead with her science fair project - we had to prepare a whole experiment and now we are working on a huge display board and her report. They are supposed to get the holidays to work on it as well, but with all these visitors coming, I can't see that happening. Actually, it's the last day of school today, so the first few days next week we will work hard to finish it.

Only a week...!!!!


HH said...

Have a wonderful time together, I'm sure that won't be too hard.

Henk van der Laan said...

have a nice time together.

Henk en Joke