Friday, June 12, 2009

About time to post again and especially about time we posted some pictures… so here they are…

Beautiful Louisa is growing up fast...

and Kirilee never tires of holding her whenever she can!

Ashlyn loves the kittens, though we only have one now (Not the one that is completely black - the other one).

Ashlyn is always happy to pose for her sisters to take a photo!
Today it was the sports carnival at the girl's school. They were supposed to have it last week but it was raining. Today it was the complete opposite. Hot and sunny!

The teams started off with chants and cheerleading to gain points from the judges. Shiana was right into it....I have been hearing the chants in my sleep!!

Kirilee was the team she felt important - that's her at the front!

Even Mum and Ashlyn dressed in the appropriate colours (though Mum had to fit into one of Kirilee's oversized sports shirts)!! Go Yellow!!!

Shiana's favourite - three legged race. Jean and Shiana won it again, as they did together last year!!

Ashlyn looking all pretty in her yellow dress!

Kirilee and Rena-Joy (Jean's sister) trying their hand (or is that legs?) at the three-legged race...they came second!

Kirilee and some friends!
The sports day results aren't out yet....the day was running a bit (quite a big bit!!) behind schedule, so the results will be announced on Monday's assembly! What a shame for the kids. They really wanted to know NOW!!! Maybe it will teach them some patience anyway!

And then time for a story…
Last Tuesday night at about 9:30-9:45 we suddenly heard someone calling us from outside our door. I was already dressed for bed, so I rushed upstairs to change while Andrew opened the door. Turns out it was one of our church members (who lives in a settlement a short walk from our house) to ask if we could please take one of her young relatives to hospital (No buses at night…!) The poor girl (about 7) was so sick. They were throwing cold water over her to try and get her fever down. She had malaria, had been sick since Saturday, but no one had taken her in to see a medical professional yet. And now she was already extremely sick – not a good idea to play around with malaria like that. So, naturally, Andrew brought her in and thankfully she was given a shot and already was doing much better the next day! God is good.
Although the young lady who came to get us is a member of our church, her wider family are mostly not believers. The young girl who is sick does come to church sometimes and to Sunday School. Incidents like this always strike us. They know we are Christians and missionaries, so they will come to us for physical help quickly in emergencies, knowing that we will not turn them down. If only the Love of Christ could penetrate further than this physical help. If only they could see that we extend a loving arm of help especially because of the God we serve. If only they, too, would seek more than our help to be free of physical ailments and would also seek to hear the Word of God which brings eternal healing and freedom from the pain of sin. But we know that this too is in God’s hands!

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Elissa W said...

Beautiful pictures - your girls are growing up so fast - especially Ashlyn!