Sunday, May 3, 2009

through our eyes

Sometimes we wish we had a camera attached permanently to us, so that we could capture all the different things we see/hear each day, things that remind us over and over again that we are in Lae, PNG.


...On Friday morning when Andrew and Ashlyn drove to Kamkumung to visit the school where some of our members are attending. On the way back he witnessed a bunch of youth jumping onto the back of a truck loaded with, what appeared to be, flour. They jumped on the back and with their knives hurriedly opened a bunch of the packages which held the bags of flour and started removing bags of flour. This, while onlookers initially did nothing, and eventually happily reaped some of the benefits as some bags fell to the ground. The truck driver either drove on unknowingly or simply realising he could do nothing to stop it. Who knows?

...on the same morning as I drove with a friend to play a game of tennis we witnessed a fountain of water gushing out of an obvious pipe burst on the side of the road. It was not long before people walking by were filling up their water bottles! Wouldn't you if you had no access to town water in your home??

...or in church this morning sitting in front of two grown men (about 50 year olds??), struggling to find the songs we were singing in the song book before church actually began, not because they do not know the numbers, but because they did not understand the concept of alphabetical order. Kirilee was finding the songs and then pointing out the number for them. They just looked so "cute" huddled together paging through the book. I had to smile, despite it being a bit sad that they were not educated enough to understand something we just take for granted. They did fine during the actual service as the song numbers were announced and written on the board.

...or the fact that we are writing this blog in the hope that our Internet connection will continue for a few more days. Why?? Well, we were due to renew our Internet connection, and we were sent an email a few days before it was due. Not wanting to be disconnected, Andrew immediately sent off a cheque (has to go to Port Moresby as they have no office in Lae). So we thought that was all done, when a few days ago we received another email stating that our connection will be cut off as they have not received payment. Andrew has called them a number of times over the last few days, and we were told that they have not received our cheque so they have no choice but to cut us off. When Andrew said that we sent it at the soonest possible moment when we received the invoice, well we were given a day's grace. Anyway a third (or was it fourth or fifth?) call revealed why they have not actually received our cheque. They have not had a driver all week, so no one has been to the post office to check the post. MMMMM. Wonder where our cheque is? So, naturally they are continuing to extend grace to us and continuing our account indefinitely, at least until the check the post??? No way. It's still our problem. We've got till Tuesday...and they might check the post on Monday....if they find a driver!!!

That's PNG. And we still love it (even though it frustrates us to max some times!!!)

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