Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Life has been pretty “normal” this week. Sometimes I wonder what normal even is. Our eyes and ears get somewhat accustomed to the sights and sounds and smells and noises around us. After a while I sometimes wonder how different it is here to back in Australia or Canada.

There are many things which start to feel normal unless you really think about them: When the potholes are so huge that you feel as though you need to hang on to the steering wheel for dear life. When you chuckle to yourself as a man walks down the road in a pair of bright pink lady’s trousers. When your three-year-old wants black hair so that no-one will want to touch her hair anymore. When you come to some road works (they do sometimes repair roads!!!) and you see a sign which says, “detour – keep left”, when really the only option is to keep right. When you see a man walking down the road wearing huge big safety goggles (perhaps to keep the dust out???). When you overtake a car and you have to honk your car horn loudly as the car in front has no mirrors (side or rearvision) so he has no way of knowing you are passing except by your loud TOOT. When you see a PMV (Public Bus) heading straight towards you , except when you look closely you realize that it is just that the steering or something must be broken, which means that the wheels look as though they are heading towards you but the bus is actually not. When you catch another man walking down the road in a pair of boxer shorts – hey, they are cool and comfy you know, plus they have nice pictures, way too nice to hide under some pants!! When dogs are better at crossing the road than your kids are back home (always on the loose, so had lots of practice at dodging cars). When your three-your-old stands up next to you in the car on the lookout for “bad guys”. When you see a bus driving past with a pair of legs hanging out the front windscreen (well where the windscreen is supposed to be anyway!!). When you wait for an hour at the dentist while someone goes to buy some more “power” to add to the meter.

These are just a few items of “normality” that I could think of in a few minutes. There are some things you never get used to. Sometimes we feel like we are in a completely different world, as if we are on a different planet. When we are confronted with huge cultural differences or things so foreign that they are unsettling, then we feel like aliens. There are times when we are frustrated with the way things work here. But mostly life feels “normal” and this is, indeed, a blessing from God.


Chandra said...

Crazy! Two weeks of that in the Dominican Republic for our Faithworks trip many years ago was enough for me...I'll take "our normal", thanks! :o)

jen said...

Hello again. Well that post was quite entertaining thankyou Nat! I had some good laughs and then towards the end, i thought, yes how we take life for granted.
We continue to pray for your family in this foreign land, may you continue to seek Him and indeed seek your joy through the fellowship with the people you guide to Him:) God bless!