Friday, May 15, 2009

another riot and homemade kfc

The title in the National Newspaper (PNG) had this headline today “MASS LOOTING – ASIAN SHOPS HIT IN LAE” (There was also a story in the Post Courier). Yesterday thousands of men and boys stormed Chinese shops in various areas of Lae resulting in injuries and the death of at least one (a looter). The word on the street was that a Chinese man was also shot, though this was not confirmed in the paper. They were apparently protesting against some Chinese business owners, and I guess they wanted to show this in force, aware that their sheer numbers made it possible for them to wreak terror. I am sure that many just joined in, wound up in frenzy mode, not even knowing really what they were doing it for. Mob mentality can do that. Some small Chinese stores as well as the main market remain closed and will remain so until Monday. Thankfully none of us were caught up in the middle of it all – they were targeting the areas we often visit, including one second-hand store I frequent. Ashlyn, however, was in “school” right near the second- hand store that was targeted. The manager of that school was in a meeting at Kirilee and Shiana’s school nearby together with Andrew and others. She was called out to go back to Ashlyn’s school (before the looter’s had actually reached that area). Andrew was in the meeting and knew from phone contact what was going on. Soon a group of looters reached the area close to both schools (kind of in the middle of the two schools). This group of the rioters were stopped near where Kirilee and Shiana’s school is. The police disbanded them with teargas. Apparently a few students in school were affected by lingering teargas – red, itchy eyes. Some teacher’s heard about the mob and reacted in fear - Shiana’s class (closest to the road) was told to lie on the floor. However, at no time was the school under threat (apart from the phone calls informing those in the meeting where Andrew was present, there were no obvious signs of the conflict from inside the school premises)– was enough to have everyone worried though. And me? I was blissfully unaware – teaching my literacy class in Kamkumung.
Because of this civil unrest a school evening function was cancelled. We decided to have our own fun at home. The girls (with a bit of help from Mum) organised our own fast food store. The girl’s spent their time making special take-away boxes for our chicken (KFC flavoured) and chips, while I cooked. The girls decorated their boxes and then Dad had to come and order 5 chicken and chips before we could sit and enjoy them. And here is the end result:


Kirilee's name choice for her fast food store.
Shiana's name choice.
Looks kind of real, doesn’t it? Admittedly there is one local fast food chain (3 outlets – a new one just opened recently), but we have never been overly keen on their food (their chicken is pretty good, it’s the chips that aren’t that great). Besides this was much more fun for the girls, and the chicken (seasoned with an imported seasoning from the Philippines) tasted like KFC (and we definitely have no KFC here in Lae!). And of course it was more work, but a whole lot cheaper than take-away too!


Denise said...

Kirilee and Shiana, I think your boxes look great! And great names for your shops as well. The KFC sure tastes good too, we had some last week as well. But we didn't have the chips to go with it. Darren would have preferred chips to the veges we had with ours.
Sad story about yet another riot. But we're thankful for our Heavenly Father's protection over you all.

Bruce and Sarah said...

So glad to hear about the fun you could have at home together, despite the troubles of the day. What a great idea for the kids to be involved in the dinner process. It looks yummy!! :)

HH said...

It sure looks good :) Probably way better than the real deal anyway.
We too are thankful for the protection you received.