Sunday, April 26, 2009

sunday stories

Well, sadly I was not able to attend church this morning. Not because I was sick, but because Kirilee vomited during the night (all over her bed!!!). It was a night of little sleep. Firstly we were barricading our front door, not to protect it from criminals but from the rising flood waters resulting from the blocked drain a few meters outside our door. This happens from time to time and if we are not quick it floods our downstairs with dirty, smelly drain water!! Well, when the rains burst in torrential style from the heavens at about 12 midnight, I raced downstairs to pull inside some things and to fill the gap under the door with towels and more towels (Being a Saturday night - the day before preaching – I did not want Andrew to be disturbed, though the rain had already awakened him too). I just managed to plug the gap when it happened. The drain blocked (rubbish and leaves and logs and everything else coming from a neighbouring property unable to negotiate the security grate in the drain before it continues to another neighboring property) and the waters rose (this drain is over a mitre deep!!) and before long the raging waters were filling our front veranda and precariously heading up to the level of our floor. Thankfully the towels worked. By the morning they were smelly and soaking wet, but the water did not come inside. The water did manage to pick up our broom and wooden rocking chair from the veranda and dump them elsewhere, and it did manage to wreak havoc on our tiny veggie patch, where we have a bunch of growing cucumbers (but we’re hoping they will fight back and survive). Anyway, by the time the gardener got the drain unblocked it was about 2 am, so I headed back to bed only to be awoken by Kirilee at 3 am having vomited all over her bed…. Sigh!!!
Anyway, she was not fit to go to church in the morning so only Andrew and Shiana went. Andrew came home with two interesting (?) stories which I thought I would share with you. They are the real purpose of this post, but I thought I would just share our night with you first.

Firstly, apparently two criminals cut the fence at Kamkumung on Friday night, obviously hoping to steal something. Thankfully they were scared off by the security guard who Reformed Ministries employ to work every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. These kind of events are common enough, but what made the story interesting was the comment that a brother in church who actually lives at the property (the father of the family taking care of it at present) made. He told Andrew that he wanted to chase the criminals down. When Andrew heard that he thought that the brother must have been wanting to catch them to administer his own kind of justice knowing that the police do nothing. However, the brother added that he wanted the chance to share the gospel with them and to show them some love so that they would realize that there is a much better life to be had than a criminal’s life. What a testimony to the working of the Holy Spirit!
The second story was from an incident Andrew heard about/witnessed as he dropped off the Biwat people at the Bumbu settlement after church. He saw an elderly man, the father of one of our church members, walking up the road being helped along by relatives, covered in blood coming from a wound to his head. When he stopped to find out what had happened and to see if he could do anything, he was told that he had just been attacked by drunken youth from the settlement (high on home brew) with rocks for apparently no reason (except trying to protect his property!!). The victim was enroute to the hospital via the police station. Home brew causes so much trouble in the settlements as it is very cheap and potent and they get drunk very quickly.

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