Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Praying for God's hands to protect a family

Two days ago a distressed church member came to see us. Her daughter had been brutally bashed by her father and brother (our church member's husband and son). The reason (as if there was any reason that would justify this!!) - they decided that she should not be going to school anymore. We are not clear on the exact reasoning, but either way a teenage girl was bashed so badly that she has not been able to walk, thus ensuring that she is unable to go to school, and that when she recovers (it looks like she will after some time), she will be too scared to ever go back. Stories like that make me so mad, so angry, so ready to scream. Sin is so strong, so sick, so totally corrupting, and so ugly. And to think that we are all so attracted to it!! May God protect this family, may he pour out his love upon them and if it is His will, may he change the hard hearts of these men! Will you join us in praying for them?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Nat - that is so sad! And yes it does make you angry doesn't it? The way the different culture works is so hard to comprehend too! We hope and pray that God will pour out His love on this family and those around that are also affected - you guys too! Praying for you all in your trying and difficult but also rewarding task! Love Sandra S