Sunday, April 5, 2009

a happier post

Just a quick post with some pics of Kirilee’s birthday which was last Friday. She had a slumber party and we had five girls sleeping over. They were all very well behaved and, although they didn’t sleep that much, they had a great time!!

opening presents in the morning before school!

Birthday hugs....from her baby sister (shhh, don't tell Ashlyn I said the word "baby" in relation to her - I'd never hear the end of it!)

birthday hugs with friends and ready to blow out the birthday cake. And, no, it is not two pink blobs on top of a blue slap - they are supposed to be shoes (ballet shoes, or whatever the technical name is!!!). She was meant to have a butterfly cake, but I couldn't find some of the neccessary ingredients in the store. And then I was going to improvise, and had everything ready to do so, when she changed her mind. mmm...

having a "gourmet" dinner

playing games

opening birthday presents from party friends

And today - a couple of pics from church:

Kirilee and little Louisa

Our musicians during church! They do a fantastic job!
Oh and one more thing:
We are looking forward to a visit from Jack and Teresa VD and their 3 children. They will arrive on Tuesday, DV and perhaps soon after you will see some photos of what we are doing with them….


Anonymous said...

So lovely to share in Kirilee's birthday, even if it's only by photos, blog and Skype. it was so good to talk with you all on Saturday.
Much love, and God bless you,
P & C (Tas)

HH said...

Congratulations with your birthday still, Kirilee :)
Hope you had a great day, looks like the party was fun.