Saturday, April 18, 2009

another few days

So our wonderful visitors have left and I thought I would sit down and post a few more photos with some explanations:

On Easter Saturday we had a youth gathering, during which we had some Bible Study and then soccer and Table Tennis on the newly built Table Tennis Table.

Elijah and Ephraim busy writing answers at our youth fellowship on Saturday (Easter Saturday)

Enjoying a ride in the ute on the way back from the youth gathering.

On Saturday afternoon Andrew headed out with Jack and the boys and Shiana for a hike on the mountain next door to our compound. How green is that!!

On Sunday we were able to witness the baptism of Little Louisa, daughter of Alosinda. Here you can see Janel and Ashlyn spending a short time on the mat with the kids.

Mum and baby

The beautiful sacrament - a testimony to the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father!!

A special Sunday (baptism) means a special treat - donuts!

Ashlyn Elise

Robert made a great new friend - Ephraim - and they spent so much time together!!

A great pic of Agnes

Wherever baby Louisa is, Kirilee will be close by to cuddle her. I think she's her self-appointed babysitter.

And on Monday and Tuesday we headed to the highlands for a refreshing couple of nights of cool air and quiet and tidy surrounds. We spent two nights at the SIL guesthouse in Ukarumpa:

view from the guesthouse towards the store

beautiful scenery on the road to Ukarumpa
We had a great time with our guests...may be some of you will be hearing more stories from them soon!
That's it from here today!!

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