Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Snippet

So we were given the honour of naming this beautiful new baby (Alo’s baby). When I dropped them off at Kamkumung immediately after they came out of hospital, the family informed me that they would like our family to name the baby. They did so simply to thank us – a great privilege. They said there was no hurry, we could get back to them in a few days. So we had decided on a name (after great discussions with the girls) and this afternoon I went with Andrew to visit Alo and the baby (and Alo’s Mum, who naturally was there as well). When we talked about the baby’s name they were a little embarrassed. Another man living on the property (a wonderful man who has lived there for a while and who has been a very faithful member of our church, and who simply loves the family) decided to name the baby. They told us that we should name the baby, too, as it is quite common for a baby to have more than one name (I found out for the first time that their oldest daughter, for example, has three names -one they gave her and two names which other family members gave her!). There was no way, however, that they could inform this man who named the baby that they had already asked us to name the baby, as that would be disrespectful, and is just not done in this culture. We told them that we were more than happy to let the name which the older man gave the baby stand, and we were fine with foregoing our “honour”. This was especially more so because we love and respect this man (he has had a hard life and is a wonderful person), and further we found out that the name he gave the baby is Louisa, which is the name of his wife who he lost many years ago to cancer. Apparently she gave birth to a baby who died, and soon after she died from cancer. Given this man’s obvious love and affection for the family and the amount of time he spends with them, we were more than happy to let this beautiful baby bear the name of his wife whom he loved and misses dearly!


Denise said...

what amazing cultural differences! It's nice that this baby received a name which had obviously been chosen with a lot of love. So you didn't give the baby a second name?

Helen said...

Hey Natalie - Thanks for your blog posts. They are always so enlightening and encouraging! I've been reading along for last few months... thought it was about time to let you know that! God's Blessings in all your work and the challenges it must bring.

HH said...

That sure is an honour even though someone else did get in first :)
So we are all very curious now what you had in mind to name the baby!