Sunday, March 1, 2009

another few days

Andrew is sitting in his office. I am downstairs. Ashlyn is playing outside. We all hear a gunshot, not such an uncommon sound around here. It was loud and close, I could tell that much, but not so close that it came from inside the walls of our compound. I continue working. Later Andrew told me the story as he watched it unfold from his office (also our bedroom) window. A group of people were making a lot of noise and generally mucking about. Then a police car drives past at which the group of people decide to mouth off at the police and loudly yell at them. In response the police car stops, shoots a single warning shot into the air and drives off. That’s one way to shut them up. And it did for a little while.... oh, the interesting things we see and hear out of our office/bedroom window. (some things are worse than others – we are sometimes awakened in the night by loud bantering and drunken brawling on the same road) has been a week with a difference, for me anyway. A week with a forced change from some of my regular weekly activities. Shiana came down with malaria a week and a bit ago, and Ashlyn was sick at the same time (some other virus...or who knows maybe even mild malaria). For a while they were both sick at the same time though Ashlyn was nowhere near as sick as Shiana of course and improved more speedily. Shiana was battling fevers, sweats, chills (shivering and freezing cold in our 30 plus temps), vomiting and more vomiting, sore eyes and headaches. The poor girl was so unwell, she just didn’t know what to do with herself, but thankfully the Lord allowed her to respond well to the medication and now she is back to her normal self, although her appetite is not yet back up to scratch.
So the sickness in the family forced me to slow down a bit...I had so hoped to keep working in the library at Kamkumung, but family comes first, so I was taught a bit of patience. So often we plan and plan and like to get things done on our schedules only to find that the Lord has other ideas. Little things like this can be good reminders of God’s overarching plan. All the extra time at home did give me a bit of a chance, in between attending to sick kids, to work on more for our Women’s Bible Fellowship and the Youth Group this there are pros to everything.
For the rest our week has been filled with normal busyness, and thankfully mostly uneventful (by PNG standards). A teacher at the girl’s school said to me this week that she tells all new teachers that begin work at the school, “the only thing stable and predictable in PNG is its instability and unpredictability!” mmm...we’ll second that – makes for more excitement, that’s for sure!

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