Sunday, March 29, 2009

Always in God's Hands

We were on our way out yesterday afternoon (Saturday) at about 3pm, when we were once again reminded of the Lord’s care over us! As we drove out of our compound’s gate, the guard stopped us. Just a minute or so earlier he watched as a group of youths held up cars only about 50 metres from our gate (there is a section of road which is very badly potholed, which forces drivers to slow right down, thus giving a perfect opportunity for criminals to attack), using large bush knives. Their actions, however, apparently were thwarted when they tried to hold up a bus filled with people who decided to stop and attack them instead with their bush knives, their sheer numbers scaring the group away. Some they managed to cut a bit with their knives and hold, while some of the others escaped up a nearby mountain for cover. Thankfully, the youths were not wielding guns, or they may not have been overcome and scared so easily. We sure breathed a prayer of thanks, though, thankful that our family was spared the trauma of being held-up. As we drove past we could see the group of people from the bus as well as some other drivers parked on the side of the road and obviously discussing the incident and deciding what to do with the criminals they managed to catch. Andrew dropped me and the children off at the nearby stadium, so I could go for a walk while the kids rode their bikes and played, while he went off to briefly do something else. Andrew offered to stay with me while I exercised, as incidents such as these do put you on edge for a little while, but I told him to go, determined not to be fearful! I did find myself looking around me as I walked, though, realising that it would be so easy for any number of people to attack me and the girls at any time, if they really wanted to. After an incident even as small as this, your mind starts to get overly active!! It is a good time to reflect and remember, however, that nothing will happen to us that our Heavenly Father does not permit to happen, and I forced myself to think and remember this as I walked. And I still had an enjoyable walk!

We had the camera along at church today, so we snapped a few pics. Thought I would just share a few of them with you all:

piling people into the car

what a cute face

beautiful newborn Louisa, daughter of Alo

Ashlyn enjoying a cracker in church

singing before church

Andrew and little Louisa

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