Wednesday, January 21, 2009

goodbye albany

Just before we leave Albany, I thought it was time to update again while we still have internet connection. I can't believe that we already on our way back to PNG, albeit via Perth for a few days and then Cairns for a few days. Time has just flown by, partly too because Andrew was sick for a couple of weeks inbetween. He is feeling much better now, for which we are thankful. It has been good that he has had no pressure of work here - it has helped him to get over it quicker, as he has just been able to relax and take his time to get well.

We have had an enjoyable time here, not doing a great deal, but just enjoying the Albany sunshine (which we have had a lot of by the way!).

Last Thursday (15th) the Lord also called home Mum's brother (Reinhard) after he suffered from cancer. It is so amazing that the Lord is there to give comfort to his family, especially his wife and children. It's hard to imagine going through life and death without our Heavenly Father by our side!

We had our mission presentation in Albany on Monday night and we were thankful that it went well. We had a great turn up and that gives encouragement. On Thursday (that's tomorrow!!) we hope to go up to Perth and have our presentation there (Thursday night).

Today I brought Ashlyn to the library to bring our books back and she cried and was rather upset - when we got them out a week ago she had no idea that they were not ours to keep - guess she has never been exposed the concept of a library, and I never thought to explain it to her - that's what happens when you have no libraries in the Lae!
Anyway, I guess I'll just post some pics while we still have highspeed internet at our disposal:

Kirilee and her cousin Elise

Shiana and Elise

Our family

A visit from Andrew's brother Stuart

Out for dinner with the family

Visiting with Sjaan and Bryce vanderheide

beautiful Albany

more cousins

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Hi to you all, looking back at your blog updates since you left Lae, its been a mix of fun, ill health for Andrew and back on the mend to more happiness. I guess with some sadness when leaving Albany again, and heading of to Perth to once again share your experiences and then off 'home' again. Thanks be to God who cares for you along the way and may He continue to bless and enrich your lives through your work in Lae and with the people who share yours.
All the best in the New Year ahead!
Love following yur blog.......