Monday, December 8, 2008

oops..i forgot something

There was a major event happening in Lae today, and I forgot to blog about it....but now I am remembering:

Overnight there was a big fire in Best Buy one of the major stores here in Lae. This was not the worst of it, as before long looters moved in. Many of them started drinking all the beer and wine and soon Lae was full of drunk people. The people gathered in numbers and began looting everything in sight. Once that store was emptied they went on rampages in surrounding stores. The police did not show up until hours later in the morning (9:00am) Andrew drove past this morning and police were trying to take control shooting guns wildly. Mobs of people tried to run away and Andrew quickly drove away from the scene. As the day the wore on the looting continued, the police no match for the mobs of people. We think it has settled down now.

An "interesting" way to end our last day in Lae for this year....

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mauswara said...

Thanks for that news item, I will use it in the next PNG Gossip newsletter but it is not due out until the 16th of December.

Hope things have settled down. I can remember the BP store and going back later to find it was Best Buy and more like a trade store.

Maybe Air Niugini will be able to move into the town from the old airport if the supermarket is not rebuilt.