Friday, December 19, 2008

hi again

This will just be a quick blog to let those of you who want to know that we are now in Hervey Bay which is our last stop before heading to Brisbane on Monday and then flying out to WA, the Lord willing, on Tuesday!
We left Airlie beach on Tuesday and drove to Mackay. The weather has definitely cooled down. Actually it hasn’t cooled down if you go by the temperature – in the low to mid 30’s but we can so tell that the humidity is much less. From Mackay we went to Rockhampton. Rocky, as locals call it, is a really nice city – nice streets!
And then from there we drove to Hervey Bay. We took a bit of a detour via Bundaberg (where Bundaberg Rum is made). This is also a nice place, with a gorgeous main street. However, we arrived there at lunch time and the traffic was so badly congested down the main street. It took us forever to get through. Very beautiful main street, but not very well designed for the lunch time traffic! And we found out that Ashlyn does like cheeseburgers at Macdonalds even if she doesn’t like their icecreams – I think I would prefer the icecream.
Hervey Bay is a lovely place. And you can actually swim in the sea here! Yes, the stingers stop at Rockhampton apparently. No more box jellyfish! Probably has to do with the temperature of the water and humidity. We were actually cold here in Hervey Bay, and it was still 30 degrees, but there was a sea breeze...we had better get used to it I guess since we are headed for the south west!
We checked out the beach and jetty and marina today. Hervey Bay reminds me a bit of Albany – beautiful coastline, but the weather was definitely warmer here – though the wind certainly reminded me of Albany - we don't get much wind in Lae . We also had a look at the Botanic Gardens.
Anyway, here’s some pics of some bits and pieces we’ve been doing:

this pic is back in Airlie Beach - we hired a cart thing from the caravan park we were staying at - Ashlyn looked quite the part!

the girls having fun

and again

in Hervey Bay - the jetty

and again

checking out the turtles in the botanical gardens in Hervey Bay

again in the Botanic gardens

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