Saturday, December 6, 2008

finishing off

In our last full week in Lae for this year things have been busy (isn't everyone busy at this time of the year??) finishing up this and that, attending end of the year things at the girl's school, getting organised to leave, etc and etc.

Here's the run down of our weekfor those who want to know (hey, that's the great thing about blogs, I'll never know if you exit this page right now!!!)...

On Tuesday our church's Women's Bible Study/fellowship group had its final gathering. I was asked to do the devotion/scripture study to wrap up the year, so I spent Monday preparing that. The day turned out beautiful. We had a special time of fellowship and prayer, and we also exchanged gifts and shared food together. The ladies arranged everything and it was all their ideas. That was very special for me to see and watched. I stayed well in the background throughout all the discussion in preparation for the day and I was just so thrilled to watch how well everything turned out (okay so we started an hour later than normal, but this is PNG!!). Some ladies from Tent Siti made the trip to come (especially invited last Sunday by one of the ladies), and I was so thankful to notice that some of the ladies from our Kamkumung group went out of their way to draw them in, to make them feel a part of us, and to encourage them to come and fellowship with us next year (With all the problems going on in Tent Siti this past year, it has been a struggle for some to continue to worship with us for more reasons than one). Each week we collect a small offering of money, and the ladies offered to share some of that with the Tent Siti ladies next year for bus money to help them come to Kamkumung or Biwat each week for Bible study. As a misisonary it is so exciting to see people themselves taking initiative and planning and executing their plans well. It was a wonderful morning!

Rebekah ready to fill up her plate

Robert enjoying his meal

Some ladies chatting

The delicious food - I, of course, was requested not so subtly to bring cake (none of the ladies have the ability to bake as they always cook on an open fire!!) which I was happy to comply with, as that's easy for me!

Then on Wednesday we had a small lunch at the girl's school, put on by the school to thank volunteers who help out at the school. As Andrew is on the Board of Governors at the school, and I help each week in Shiana's class on Thursday afternoons, we were invited to attend. On Wednesday night we had the Biwat fellowship in our compound (usually it is done in the Biwat settlement) as we wanted to show them the DVD which we prepared for our presentations in Australia. (Andrew showed it the night before in Kamkumung). It was so much fun to watch their reactions to seeing themselves on the DVD, and we just got so much pleasure watching that.

Then Thursday morning was literacy class, and then straight to the girl's school again for an award ceremony and graduation. Shiana was receiving a gold award, so we were invited for lunch again this time to celebrate this!

Then Friday afternoon I was back at school again for a fund-raising Christmas craft sale. I spent a part of Wednesday and Thursday baking slices for the cake stall! The kid's had also made some crafts and sold a few of them at the sale. It was fun, anyway. Shiana went to her friend Jael's (daughter of EBC missionary family) place for a sleepover on Friday night (they took her with them after the craft fair), and this afternoon we went to pick her up (and had dinner with the family!)

In between all of this my dear husband has been busy tying up loose ends, finishing off finance work, writing a sermon, preparing for our special Sunday tomorrow (Holy Supper, Profession of Faith and Baptism), preparing closing fellowship devotions, making some visits, and today he had a gathering at Tent Siti to try and put closure to the sad and tense events that have gone this year....and me I have been trying to get organised for our time away.

If I have time I will post a few pics tomorrow night after our special Sunday service.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shiana on earning a Gold Reward. Keep up the good work. Kirilee you probably did very well as well.
It's good to hear that the ladies are planning and organising things themselves.
May the Lord keep you safe on your travels to Australia.

Anonymous said...

I so love reading how you are all doing in Lae. Its a gentle reminder that you don't always have it easy either - thank the Lord for keeping you all safe this year. Well done to the girls for doing so well at school. Sounds like you are very busy with end of year things - like us here!! Take care! I bet you are all looking forward to your holidays! Enjoy!
Luv Matt, Sandra & kids