Sunday, December 28, 2008

blessed new year

Okay, so it's a bit late for Christmas wishes, but we hope your Christmas was a blessed one wherever it was and now that it is a new year we also wish you God's many blessings in 2009. So comforting to know that wherever we are in this world, the Lord is with His children!

This blog has been rather quiet, but the days are just flying by. On Monday Andrew got sick, and is suffering from malaria again. He started feeling really unwell on Monday and on Monday night had a very high fever which left him with sweats and chills all night and unable to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time before nightmares/etc awoke him. He also had nausea and bad headaches. On Tuesday morning his fever was still high so we took him to the doctor. However, by the time we could get an appointment his fever was down (malaria does that - the fever comes and goes a bit in cycles). Anyway, the test came back negative, but that is probably because he did not have a fever at the time of the test, which can result in a false negative. Anyway, the symptoms have persisted and he has also had some additional symptoms which have left the doctors and us concluding that it is malaria. We took our own treatment for malaria with us from PNG, so we started him on that already on Tuesday. Tuesday was his worst day so far, and with Panadeine the fever is kept down a bit, although at nights he is still very restless and feverish. The sheets are just drenched in his sweat. Andrew is able to plod around the house a bit when he gets tired of just doing nothing, but he quickly tires and needs to rest again. We hope the headaches (very painful) and fevers subside and ease soon (during the day the fevers aren't too bad but at night it gets high) so he is able to at least sleep a bit more.
We are just so thankful that he did not get this while we were still in PNG. At least here he does not have work pressures and can hopefully take his time to get better (he is not very good at doing that!) The doctor did say that if he does not improve or if other symptoms develop then Andrew will need to get further bloodwork done.
I thought I would just post a few more pics, some still from our trip from Cairns to Brisbane and the others here in Albany:
hiring a big bike in Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay beach
Opa exploring his gardens with his grandchildren

...and again


HH said...

Glad you've made it 'home'. Sorry to hear Andrew is suffering malaria. Not a good start to your holidays. Hope he can get some relief soon and start enjoying some r&r. What's it like to be back? Must be so nice catching up with everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo A&N
We wensen Andrew van Harte beterschap en dat hij snel weer beter mag zijn. Gods zegen toegewenst.

regards Henk en Joke
from NL

Erica Swarts said...

Hi Natalie - Not good about Andrew having malaria again - I hope he gets over it quickly and can enjoy the rest of your holiday while over here. Must be great catching up with the family again - especially for the girls. Take care and I hope you have a great holiday catching up with everyone xx