Thursday, November 27, 2008


As I sit here in our bedroom/study (Andrew has his study in our bedroom, not always ideal but we make do), I check out the digital temperature guage in our room and it is still 31.7 degrees Celcius in our room (and that is 8:30 at night). The weather has really heated up the last few days and we are back to sweating continually. Actually the weather has really been bothering me lately. I don't know how many times a day I hear myself utter - "I am so sick of this heat". It always slips out before I manage to hold it in. I really don't want to complain all the time, but is sooh hot! Funnily enough, as I finished typing this blog Andrew arrived back from a school board meeting and said that everyone was commenting (and some of these people have lived in Lae for years) how extremely hot it was at the moment! So it is not just me! And the heat sometimes gets so oppresive and tiring too.

Okay, enough complaining - at least we have fans in our house!

I don't really have that much to blog about. No fancy, brilliant, exciting stories. Except...I finished the DVD for our presentations in Australia. I do enjoy the job, but it takes such a lot of work. And then, when I look back at the final copy...I just realise how unprofessional it still is! Ah well, that's what you get when most of the videoing is done on an unprofessional camcorder with an unsturdy arm which usually has kids hanging off it when it takes video!! But if feels good to have it done anyway. Okay, that wasn't an exciting story, but it's exciting for me!

And then there is Shiana and her recurring ear infection. She had one a couple of weeks ago, and we thought it had cleared up, but she just can't seem to kick this one. She has been waking up at nights again and complaining during the days too - Painstop helps for the pain and we pray that this time the antibiotics may clear it up fully. And so it feels that the kids in this family spend half their life on antibiotics. Ashlyn has just finished another dose of Amox for an infected toe. She hurt it a couple of months back and it got badly infected, and an injection and the doctors and a dose of antibiotics cleared it up. Now, the nail fell off and for some reason it got swollen and bright red again - so back on the antibiotics again. Well, at least we help keep the chemists in business anyway!

And then this morning was another literacy class. It is always good to hear the ladies reading, even it if it only a small amount. It always gives me some encouragement as progress sometimes seems to be so slow. But what can you expect when teaching middle-aged ladies how to read, and only for one morning per week? I am thankful that there is progress, as it always motivates me to continue... I am a little worried about how much revision we will have to do, though, after our return from Australia.

I can't believe it is soon time for our holiday in Australia. After the taxing and stressful past year, we are really hanging out for it...aah..Australia means: visiting with family and friends, Mum to spoil us, white sandy beaches, babysitters around to look after the kids, freedom, freedom to shop, chocolate, droppies, crumpets, yoghurt in many different flavours, cereals in all sorts of flavours and shapes, instant meals, frozen nuggets, tasty corn on the cob, brie and camebert cheese...aah the list could go on. Why is it that when I think of Australia that so much relates to food? Oh, and some of those things you can buy here, but are way outside of our budget (would you buy a small box of cereal for the equivalent of AUD $20?) Okay, we do buy Weetbix...but it's not my favourite!

Anyway, I think I might go for another shower. At least I will be cool for a few minutes. If I don't move and sit under a fan the coolness may last a few minutes longer...

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