Monday, November 10, 2008

musings and reflections on a sports carnival

Can’t believe it’s such a long time in between blogs at the moment. At nights, when I usually blog, I am working on the computer putting together a DVD for our Mission Presentations in Western Australia. And that is always quite a bit of work. I do enjoy it, so it is not a chore as such, but it takes time, and there are always things to figure out and frustrations when things don’t work, or stress when the computer crashes and has to be brought in for repairs (a few days ago)! But tonight Andrew is still working on the computer at the moment, and I can’t do it on this laptop as it doesn’t have the programs (or a fast enough system) to do the work. So I am forced to wait to continue with the I thought I would blog.
A few thoughts first of all: Sometimes it’s so hard dealing with the fact that we have so much and others so little. Always a constant tension, a constant struggle. The tension between wealth and poverty: always kind of feeling guilty when I shop (and I rarely buy anything extravagant by Western standards); knowing that I have so much more, and being powerless to change this country, it’s injustices, it’s sickness, it’s physical poverty. It was brought home again to me today. I came back from buying groceries only to have one of our church members walk up to our house at the same time. I discreetly took the bag containing fresh meat inside so I could put it in the freezer, but I left the rest in the car until he left half an hour later. It’s so hard. And we can’t give to individuals (though we do support them through our church offerings, and sometimes we will give people some things in certain circumstances) as a general rule, as then the giving would never end and we don’t want to perpetuate the notion that that we are here to bring physical wealth rather than spiritual riches. I think that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to in our upcoming trip to Australia...just to be away from that tension...Sounds kind of selfish I guess, and really it is good to live in this constant struggle, as it reminds us over and over again to be thankful for what blessings we have. But sometimes, it is nice just to be away from the tension, to feel that we can go to a store and no one cares for a moment what we are buying.

Anyway, that was my thought for the day. I really was thinking that I should blog some photos from last week, when the girls had their athletics and swimming carnivals over two days. Their team, yellow, came first (out of four) in the athletics and 2nd (by one point), in the swimming. It was a fun time, with generally good sportsmanship, which I was pretty impressed with.

Kirilee preparing for a swimming race
Waiting to do discus throwing

Ashlyn watching Shiana in the pool

Shiana and her friend Jean doing the three legged race. They won, but they practiced for about half an hour before the race!!

Shiana doing egg and spoon race. She lost this one, as she was concentrating to make sure the egg didn't fall off. SHe was indignant to find out that others had dropped it and just got to "pick it up and put it back on the spoon." She thought they would be out if they dropped it - I can't remember how we used to play?
long jump
Andrew joining in with the Tug of War on the last bit of the carnival. He also did the parents and teachers baton relay - they won the first race.

Waiting in anticipiation for the score - Kirilee with friend Rena Joy

As the winning team for the athletics part of the carnival, yellow, was announced Shiana and friend Jean hug in excitement!
That's all for now - goodnight!

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Tineke said...

Hey girls... congratulations doing soooo well in your school carnivals!! Btw we just had our school carnival too at Byford school... doing so many similar games as you do!! :)