Sunday, November 16, 2008

another visitor

I have been very quiet on this blog again, but as per usual there is a good reason!!! On Thursday we welcomed Sean Eikelboom (son of Rev Eikelboom in Tassie) here in Lae! When he emailed us to say that he would like to come, we mentioned to him that he could perhaps get the church members in Launceston to donate some board games and then bring them along.

And then yesterday we had a big youth gathering, well in the end it ended up more like a church picnic because many whole families came. The youth have been trying to get together a bit lately, but struggle with things to keep them interested. Hence we thought we would try the board games. Sean came with a suitcase full - thanks Launceston! - but we only took a few to teach this time and hope to continue to introduce more as time goes one. The youth gathering actually turned out really well, and the games worked really well. I did not know people could play Boggle and Uno and Yatzee for such a long time!
Anyway here's some pics:
volleyball is always a highlight

some youngsters enjoying Trouble

Kirilee explaining the rules of the game
getting the food ready

Ashlyn and Yoniche

Rebeka, Julie and Ashlyn

Sean chatting

The girls lending a helping hand preparing the greens

Sean trying his hand at scraping a coconut

enjoying the food
cleaning up afterwards


Tineke said...

Wow... looks like yous do a lot together with the people :) The photos look so similar to the ones I have from when I was in PNG (years ago now :)) The people, the food etc!! Nice too to have another visitor!

Tineke said...

Btw... your girls look gorgeous!! :D

HH said...

Enjoy the visitor. I'm sure it will be a eye opener for Sean. Love all the photos. Glad the youth gathering was a success.