Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back home again

We’re back in Lae (arrived home yesterday), so I thought it time to update this blogspot. We had another couple of enjoyable days break before heading off to Jais Aben (about 20 minutes or so out of Madang) for our conference with the Reformed Ministries team from Port Moresby.
The conference was just great – it was so good to catch up with everyone and to meet the new Missionary couple (sent out by New Zealand) who will be joining the team in Moresby next year (they just came for the conference). It was a very beneficial time for everyone. I think I will just post some pics and you will get more of an idea of our time away as I explain what the photos are about.

Visiting with the Cravens - Ashlyn and Cory having fun!

The girls just had so much fun playing together!

In Madang we found a real park (no such thing in Lae) and the girls had such a ball as the pics show!

It was rusting out a little in spots...

But still loads of fun!

More park fun

Don't know why, but I just love this pic, so I thought I would post it.

At another park we found - the handles had broken off this see-saw, so Shiana was a bit worried about coming off - as her face shows!

Then on Wednesday we arrived at Jais Aben for our Annual Reformed Ministries conference - some of the participants listening carefully (the women are all hiding on this pic)

I celebrated my birthday at the conference, and Jeannette organised a suprise cake for dessert! The workers were turning out the lights for the candles and I kept asking what they were doing (noone would tell me!). Then the birthday cake came out with happy birthday being sung and I first looked around to see who the cake was for, before realising it was a surprise for me! Anyway, it was a lovely gesture even if I was a bit slow on the uptake!

The Birthday Cake

game playing

The Reformed Ministries team who are on the field at present

Shiana and Amy

Abeautiful sunrise

It is good to be home again, and we're so thankful for our Heavenly Father's gracious care over us while we were away from home.


HH said...

Such nice pictures. Glad the time away was beneficial. And your birthday? Did we miss something here...Happy Birthday, Nat. May God's grace and nearness follow you in the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

What nice pictures. We're thankful that you had a good time away and are back home safely.
What a nice surprise for your birthday. We celebrated with cakes and chips while on holidays.
Love, Denise and fam.