Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Independence Day

Here's some Independence Day Photos. On Monday the girls only had a half day of school in which all students dressed up in traditional PNG dress from different areas of PNG. It was a fun morning, though Shiana ended up not joining in with her parade and traditional dance because she was feeling faint and sick because she ended up standing in the sun for a little while (they had a shade cover but not everyone fitted under it - she just happened to be at the end of the line).

Kirilee and Shiana looking the part in the crowd - this was during the speeches and official opening of the Independence Day celebrations at their school.

Kirilee all dressed up - the costume was a bit itchy!

A teacher dressedup - Highland Region style (Ashlyn thought he was a monster, and though scared kept wanting to see him!)

Shiana sitting down and taking a long break after feeling unwell from the sun!
Then today, actually Independence Day, Shiana went with Andrew for an hour or so, to the nearby stadium to check out the celebrations there. He got some nice pics of that:

Fantastic Colours

Shiana making a friend

Crowds and crowds of people!

Tonight we went at 7pm to the stadium again, this time to see the fireworks! Ashlyn was terrified, and hid in lap the whole time. As we drove home she said, "I thought my might get dead". Aaah, that's why she was so worried, despite our assurances that the fireworks were harmless.

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Elissa W said...

wow guys, what amazing pictures! I could hardly tell your girls apart from the papuans!! Looks like you had a very culturally rich day!

We're keeping you in our prayers!