Sunday, September 21, 2008

I hate trying to think of titles

Just thought I would post some more pictures of our Sunday. Today was a bit of a special Sunday as we had a some men officially joining the LCC, being appointed, under the blessing of the Lord, as leaders in our church. Andrew preached a special sermon for this, speaking about the servant-nature of leaders in a church, how they are to be humble and that their task is that of a servant. At the same time the great responsibility of the task was emphasized, as well as the congregations responsibility in supporting these leaders.
Then today was also the first day we used our new song books (in Tok Pisin). I have been busy for a while now compiling, collating, translating, writing songs, etc to get this song book finished and it was great to see them in use today. The songs have just been put into folders for now (what a job to get them all done), so that they can be added too as we see fit (writing/translating new songs, etc), and then maybe in a year or two it can be published into a proper book!
And Shiana had her day made today as well. One of the members of our church, Viviana, adopted a new baby this week ( a three week old boy, the child of her husband’s brother’s daughter….!!!). There is not legal signing generally for adoptions in this country, but it is “official” in their eyes, and this child (in no uncertain terms) now belongs to Viviana and her husband Elias (they have not been able to have any children of their own, though they have adopted some others), and cannot be claimed back by her blood mother. This is very common here, and in this case the blood mother of the child already has many children of her own. Well, anyway the baby did not have a name yet and Shiana was told she could name it. So, anyway, the first name she happened to think of was one of her many cousins in Australia…so she named it Clayton!! So Clayton, now you have a namesake here in PNG. She was quick to tell them that they did not have to call it that, but Clayton he is! Will download a pic of the baby another time.

Ashlyn singing songs in church with Monica holding her

Three of the leaders with holding the new song books

Another one of the leaders who is also our guitar player

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