Thursday, September 25, 2008

hello and goodbye...for a few days

Just a quick blog...because tomorrow we are off for 10 or so days! The first five days will be in Ukarumpa for a break (yay!) and then the next five or so days will be in Madang for the Reformed Ministries yearly conference. We will be taking two young women/girls from the Church here with us to babysit for the conference (but they will be coming with us for the trip to Ukarumpa too!) . One of the girls is quite shy so we hope and pray she will settle in alright with us – it will be a great lifestyle change for them for a few days.
Today we were reminded of God’s providence once again. While Andrew was driving our car around, the clutch suddenly gave way. He brought it to our mechanic who said that driving like that would have caused the car to break down and had it happened on our trip into the highlands, we would have been stranded (and this is not exactly the safest or most convenient area to be stranded in!). Andrew had been worried for a little while about the clutch (so we were already toying with the idea of taking the other car)...anyway we are so glad and thankful it happened now and did not happen on a long trip. And thankfully we have Ian and Nadia’s car to take with us instead which we can all fit into (with our family and the babysitters as well)! God is good.
I thought I would just post some pics of Shiana and her performance on Tuesday evening with many of her class mates. They have practiced all term to perform “James and the Giant Peach”. They did a good job. Shiana was the green grasshopper. And what a time we had. She turned out to be allergic to the paint on the costume and her whole body was covered in swollen, itchy, red and white hives. I couldn’t believe how bad it got. She has had hives many times before (reacting usually to a plant she has touched), but never like this. So they made her a whole new costume and I bought some green fabric to cover it. But then one day in practice she touched the costume of another girl without thinking and must have touched her eye. That afternoon her whole eye was almost swollen shut. SO then I warned her not to touch any costumes and asked her teacher to ensure the other kids stayed away from her. She was on Phenergen (anti-histamine) for five days and nights straight! But she still loved the play!

The Old Green Grasshopper, Shiana

Waiting for the show to begin after the interval! (recognise the outfit, Rita and family? - she loves it!!)
Oh, and Ashlyn got a long, tall, round package in the mail today.Thanks to the ladies who organised all the hand prints of the Albany children in the crèche on Women’s fellowship day! What a nice idea!! She absolutely loved it and has it hanging next to her bed. As she was going to sleep tonight I could hear her measuring up her hand against all the hands on the wall and then she kept talking about her cousin Kayla’s hand.
And we received a book today from The League of the Free Reformed Women’s Bible Study Societies in Australia – the children’s book on Worship “Come Join With Me in the Worship Service”. Thank you!! The girls have been looking through it and have even had fun comparing the things mentioned in the book with what it is like in the Reformed Church on mission field (they were able to realise that the basics of the worship service are the same, though there are some variations in how these elements played out).
Anyway, got to go - we'll see you when we get back, the Lord willing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie and Andrew,
Just caught up with the newsblogs from this past month. Nice to read everything and to see the pictures. Enjoy your holiday and conference, we're having 2 weeks off at the moment as well.
God bless.
Jacky O and family