Sunday, August 17, 2008

God's plans

A week or so back I began to bake a loaf of bread by hand, (as I do most Saturday mornings) but was distracted in the process. So much so that the liquid was too hot for the yeast and it killed the yeast and the dough did not rise. However, I still got to use the dough for pizza base and for another pizza roll-up thingy, which really turned out quite yummy. While I was doing this and mourning my rediculous mistake, it got me thinking. And philosophizing - a dangerous thing, I might add.

It was about the time that we were dealing with the knowledge that Ian and Nadia were leaving and the responsibility this put upon our shoulders. And then in this yeasty, failed bread thing, it got me thinking how our Heavenly Father is in control and we are but weak instruments in his hands, but instruments nevertheless who he can use in his purpose. We, in our sinfulness, try hard to do things our way and control and plan and in the process we make so, so many mistakes. And yet somehow, God reminds us constantly that he is in control and his plan will be carried out regardless of our mistakes and humble efforts. Now, I know the analogy thing is a bit far-fetched and everything, but sometimes just little things in a day serve to remind us of the way our Heavenly Father works. We make mistakes and yet somehow he uses this in his plan, to further his Kingdom.

That knowledge goes with us. With us all. God is in control and in Him we trust.

It's been a good week as I reflect back. Sad with the departure of Ian and Nadia, but still God has been there uplifting and strengthening.

Andrew has been busy preparing sermons, fellowship evenings, homevisits and running around for finance/practical kind of things. And the last of these sometimes takes forever!! Just one funny story. We had to get new number plates made for one of our vehicles as one was lost (too may potholes here and they eventually fall off!!). Andrew called in the morning to see if they were done and he was told they were - just come in. Andrew asked them to actually check (as he knew that just coming in could mean waiting in line for an hour or so and he did not want to do that all for nothing). Then, after they checked they changed their mind and said they were not ready. Later on in the afternoon Andrew called and after checking it was decided that they actually were ready. The office closed at 3pm so Andrew went there at about twenty to 3 only to find the office closed already. Andrew was not going to be put off so easily, so he banged on the door. When someone came to the door they said that it was too late they were closed. Andrew asked what time the closed and they said 3 pm (this being 2:45). Andrew pointed to his watch and told them the actual time at which point they ushered him around the back and gave him his new plates. One problem. THey wanted the old ones back. Andrew told them that one was lost (which is the reason we got a new one), and the other was bolted on to the car and he had no tools to get it off. SO they suggested he come back on Monday. Once again Andrew was not going to be put off so easily as he knew if he returned on Monday it would mean waiting in line possibly for hours, so he managed to get the other number plate off with the car he got his number plates, and it is the shortest time he has ever had to wait at the registration office!! He might have to try that one again!

It's been a busy week all round, but that's okay. Thursday for me was the literacy course in the morning (enjoyable, as always), home for lunch, to the girl's school for a Book Week assembly, home again for a few minutes and then off with Andrew to Biwat (to be a "presence" on his home visits!), home at 6pm and dinner. On Friday mornings I am going into the girl's school at the moment to help out with the performance of a drama (helping the kids practicing lines and actions!!), which I love as I always love drama and I think it is such a great thing to help kids to come out of their shells and learn to have confidence in speaking publically. So that is fun too. I am also desperately working on mainly Tok Pisin Song book for our church, which involves lots of typing and sorting through things, but it is really needed. It will contain many favorites of the people here, as well as some songs translated from English. I am only wanting to publish it into a "file" at the moment so that it can be added to as more translations are done. When I have typed up the ones we have at the moment I want to sit down with our church guitarist to finalise the chords to some of them...

Today is Sunday and that means a day to meet together with fellow believers to worship our King. Always a tiring day out here on the mission field (we go from 9am till 1 -2 pm in one stretch - which includes to services and Sunday School), but always a wonderfully blessed day too! There was a blackout today so Andrew's voice did not have the benefit of the microphone. We were all fine as his voice carries well, but his voice is a little worse for wear...
Anyway, I was going to just make this a short post as it is time to get the older girls ready for bed! Will leave it at that and wish you all God's blessings.


Mrs. Bob said...

bread-making is SUCH a good way to meditate... :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to know that our Heavenly Father is in control of our whole life. May God continue to bless you all in your work in Lae.
Love, Denise