Sunday, August 31, 2008

bumpy rides!

Seems like Sundays is becoming a blog day...guess that's as good a day as any to blog!

Thought I would just post a few more pictures - these photos were taken in the last couple of weeks....birthdays in the family (Ashlyn's last Sunday) sometimes means some packages - and usually we all get spoilt at the same time. And, boy, packages are so much fun!

our avid reader gets another book to devour (and a new shirt which she is wearing for the photo)

Shiana showing off two new shirts

Ashlyn showing off a new dress

Ashlyn showing off some of her new "little people", some of which came in the post from AUstralia! She just has taken such a love to these toys, and her sisters don't mind joining in either!

Ashlyn has been so fun this year when getting cards for her birthday (and she got quite a few this year!). She just thinks all mail is for her at the moment and has lined all her cards up inside the house and regularly counts them all (okay, she starts getting mixed up past ten, but she thinks she is counting them all anyway.) This morning when I said it was Church day, she was convinced it was her birthday again (just like last week), so we had to explain to her that birthdays only come once a year.

Lae has been well and truly living up to its reputation as Pothole City. We have had a lot of rain of late and the roads are just terrible. And I mean terrible. There is no way to avoid them. We just have to go through them, but it sure gets tiresome sometimes driving around in them. And of course the potholes are instrumental in increasing the number of armed hold-ups on the roads. The other day we ((some ladies and I) had to bump our way to Kamkumung. They are working on the road close to the church (major revamp which has been and will continue to take months) and at the moment the road is a disaster. As we tried to come back home again after the Bible Study we were stuck on the main road going back behind a line up of cars. Kamkumung is a notorious area for holdups (especially at the moment), and I wasn't particularly happy sitting in a car line up for ages. Up ahead we could see that a truck had got stuck on the bridge (huge pothole as you come onto the bridge) and it appeared that a bus had tried to pass the truck but got stuck too. SO it didn't look as if the traffic would be moving any time soon. So we turned around and took the back road home (a road I usually avoid as it is even more notorious for hold-ups). What a drive home!! The road was almost a river and the potholes were more like craters - actually there were more potholes on the road than bits of road methinks! But, thankfully, we got home without incident. We need to pray for patience on the roads here and also for trust in God's providence. I'm reading a great book at the moment which reminds me that to be overly anxious is to mistrust God. We all need to trust in his Control and Guidance in everything that occurs in our life, even the "minor" details.

Yesterday I went to Kamkumung again to hold a short training course for our Sunday School teachers. We talked about many things and I was very happy with the meeting...we pray that Sunday School may really flourish here in Lae.

This morning Andrew preached a wonderful sermon on Jonah 4, speaking about the amazing Grace of our Heavenly Father! None of us deserve God's Grace...we must humbly receive it and live our lives in thankfulness to him. A message many of us know so well, but it pays to be reminded time and time again.

Oh boy. As I type right now our house is trembling...another earthquake (just a tiny one this time). Yesterday Lae felt a fairly big earthquake (not as scary as the one we had last year - then the house just shook so badly it felt for a moment like it was going to topple, and I grabbed the kids out of the bath to get them downstairs and outside...), but because we were driving in the car this time it just felt as if the car was wobbling and Andrew thought the wheel was falling off or something. So this treomor just now must have been an after tremor or something. I hope. Small tremors are okay (they happen fairly regularly here) but when they get bigger it is a little disconcerting (another chance to remind ourselves that all things are in the Lord's Control!)

Anyway, was about the sign off when I felt the tremor, so I thought I would include something really current in my blog.

We hope your Sunday was a blessed one wherever you are in this big wide world!


Anonymous said...

Keep up your blogs, even if we don't always respond, we do love reading them, and also enjoy the photos.

arachesostufo said...

ciao, you live in a paradise...