Tuesday, July 8, 2008

they are here...

Mum and Dad Vermeulen are here. They have actually been here since last Thursday...but in all the excitement I haven't blogged about it yet. However, they are really here!!

They arrived only half an hour late and we were so excited to welcome them into Lae and our home (have to say that as they faithfully read this blog!! -but I would have written that anyway). Dad has been busy fixing some of our electrical things (everything breaks down in this country so quickly!!), and other things are just not fixable. He fixed our toaster (yahoo!!) and he also managed to fix the photocopier (that is not ours personally, but belongs to Reformed Ministries). It has been playing up for ages now (had to stand near it and feed one paper at a time into it!). Dad pulled it apart and initially thought he would not be able to fix it, but then he played around a bit more and did it...and we didn't even have to buy a single part. Then he also networked our computers...so he has really been kept busy. Already the first full day they were here he helped Andrew out at Kamkumung repairing the pulpit. Andrew and Dad made it a lot stronger now too. It was pretty wobbly before, but now is pretty sturdy. Here's two pics of them working on it:

Mum, has also been busy...helping me in the house (I think she is realising how quickly things and our kids get so dirty here. Having white tiled floors in the living area sure don't help to keep things looking clean!). Actually, I am extra thankful for her help in the house as Julie is sick (I think with malaria). She still came to work on Monday, but after we came back from shopping she was shaking with the chills from a high fever. She wanted to go to the clinic but didn't have her card with her (it was somewhere else), and I was worried that if she just went home she would not bother going to the doctor (even though I gave her some extra money so she could afford to go). So instead I decided to give her some malaria medication I had in the house, with strict instructions on how to take it (I went over it again and again. The good thing is that it is a herbal based medication, so doctors will tell you to take it even if they are not sure if you have malaria, as it does no harm. Also, it would be much worse to take nothing if she does have malaria - and looking at her I think she did, but then I am not a doctor and they need blood slides anyway to confirm malaria). I thought at least this way she would take something for it, but I did tell her that if she got worse she still has to go to the doctor! We pray she may soon be restored to good health...

Anyway, it is lovely to have Dad and Mum around, and not just for the work they are doing. The girls have been playing lots of games with them too, and Ashlyn has warmed up to them too.

Andrew has been busy getting organised as on Thursday we hope to take a short trip away. Ian and Nadia's visitors (Tim and Elissa and children) hope to come stay in our house while we are away and then soon after we return, Ian and Nadia will take their visitors away for a short break and Dad and Mum can go into their house.

Anyway, that's about all for tonight. Here's just one more pic of our girls that Mum took outside a hotel here in Lae (shhhh...they were treating us for dinner....don't tell anyone!)



How lovely your parents are with you. No doubt you will have great time and nice they can help you out with different things needing attention and just enjoyng eachothers company is awesome too!
May God bless yourtime together.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like having your own parents around is it Nat??!! Hope you are all enjoying their company - hope the time doesn't go too fast for you all before they go home - treasure the time together! Well, we are enjoying school holidays here. Hope you are all well.
Luv Matt, Sandra & kids