Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Profession of Faith

Last Sunday was a special day here in Lae. Well, all Sundays are, but this one was extra special as we had 3 people from Biwat Profess their Faith and four children were baptised. Gami and Joel became members and their children Vanessa and Robert were baptised. We are so thankful for them. They are both very keen and are also both very well learned in the scriptures. They also have been blessed with many talents academically and are keen to use them to God's glory. Gami has been invaluable in helping me during the literacy course. Without her help I think I would sometimes be falling apart trying to help all the students at their own level.

Viviana also professed her faith. She is married to Elias but he, as yet, is not ready to become a member. Two of Viviana's children had previously been baptised but two had not, so they (Ditonia and Jonlyn) were baptised as well. Vivana is a lovely lady. She is illiterate - but we are working hard to change that. She faithfully attends the literacy course!
Below are some pics:

from left to right - Viviana, Gami (holding Robert) and Joel

Brother Rumanasen preparing something - sporting his injuries from the attack at Kamkumung

Receiving the blessing

Vanessa receiving the Sign and Seal of the Covenant

John Lanta handing out a Children's Bible to Viviana's children

Joel, Gami (holding Robert) singing a song they wrote which spoke of their desire to commit their life fully to the Lord. It was based on Joshua "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."

About an hour ago (8pm) Andrew came back from Kamkumung settlement. He left with Ian and some of the Biwat members at about 4pm and they went firstly to just visit a few areas in Kamkumung to try and remind people that we are there to spread the gospel, not to make money. This was done in light of the recent violent break-in in Kamkumung, just to remind people who we are and to invite more to worship with us. After this they moved to another area in Kamkumung where a family line lives (related to Julie, our house help). A heap of people were there from the village too (they hope to worship with us on Sunday). Well, Ian and Andrew held a fellowship there with Andrew delivering a short message. There were many people there, and they were all very enthusiastic. They had even prepared a meal! A great outreach night! We pray that the Lord will use this evening and may bring more people to church to hear the Truth of the Gospel proclaimed! May hearts be changed via the proclomation of the Gospel here in PNG!

And just one last pic of Shiana trying to sneak up on her Dad in order to wrestle him to the ground. Of course she knows that the outcome is a foregone conclusion - but the important thing is the fun it leads too!

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Anonymous said...

Hallo all,

Wonderful to see joyful photos, and that you DO see fruit of your labours, which you do to further the work of the Lord!

Love, as usual,
P & C